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Divine Dining at BLVD 16 Restaurant at Hotel Palomar Los Angeles/Westwood

An LA’s The Place Top Pick for Best Restaurants L.A. for 2013!
Hotel Palomar
Los Angeles/Westwood boasts a secret weapon that will keep guests coming back again and again, whether or not they’re staying at the hotel. BLVD 16 Restaurant works with local farmers, ranchers and sustainable fisheries to bring you the best of sustainable cooking, California fusion, and new American dining.

Blvd 16 Executive Chef Rich Hodge

Blvd 16 Executive Chef Rich Hodge

Chef Richard Hodge coaxes the freshest, most vital flavors out of the highest-quality ingredients to create everything from exquisite small dishes to lavish entrees to sumptuous desserts that will diners will remember long after the meal is done.

Hotel Palomar, as part of the Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group, enjoys a reputation for covering the finer details, from in-room amenities to on-site luxuries, and this establishment is no exception. In case the hotel pool, the inviting guestrooms, and the other perks aren’t enough for you, look no further than BLVD 16. The restaurant lives up to the lofty expectations set at the Hotel Palomar with innovative, satisfying, and — most important — delicious cuisine.

BLVD 16 prides itself on its seasonal specialties to ensure the freshest, most optimal ingredients liven up every meal. Because of this emphasis on the garden’s natural bounty, you can expect BLVD 16 to change its menu regularly to take advantage of farm favorites. As temperatures dip and daylight wanes in the autumn, BLVD 16’s menu will reflect these changes.

On my last visit, we delighted in the some sumptuous dishes, which included roasted brussel sprouts with bacon and almonds, and salmon crudo, with avocado mousse, chili vinaigrette, ginger aioli:


Another seasonal, local dish was the baby beets, with oranges, toasted pistachio, mache:


Other tasty items we tried and loved included their ribeye steak frites, with thick cut paprika fries, parsely salsa verde. One of the best steaks I’ve had in Los Angeles.

Steak Frites - We split this, so the regular cut is twice the size. Very delicious.

Steak Frites – We were tasting many dishes, and split this– so the regular cut is twice —the size. Very delicious.

Current highlights include a warm cauliflower salad with crispy garbanzo beans, red grapes, and harissa vinaigrette, adding up to a mix of earthy flavors and fresh components. For heartier fare, try the signature flat bread topped with mushrooms, charred radicchio, truffle cheese, and a sunny-side-up egg or the red-wine-braised short rib with olive oil crushed potatoes and citrus gremolata.

Of course, these are all mere examples of the possibilities at BLVD 16. The kitchen is just as likely to whip up daily specialties based on what looks best at the market. Regardless of the final ingredient list, your plate will show off Chef Richard’s talent for mixing the familiar and the seasonal.

Blvd 16 Sommolier Blaine Brown

Blvd 16 Sommolier Blaine Brown

These mouth-watering dishes are only highlighted when wine is paired with them and with the assistance of their sommaliar, Blaine Brown. Some of the wines we tried, that proved to be outstanding selections by Blaine include ’08 Gramona Gran Cuvee Brut -Barcelona, ’11 Frank Family Chardonnay – Napa, ’10 Wattle Creek Triple Play Red Blend – Alexander Valley. And with dessert, a divine Foris Vineyards Moscato, 201

In addition to the more traditional meal structure, BLVD 16 offers a power lunch for those on the go. The same seasonal ingredients that go into a more formal sit-down meal can be found in sandwiches, salads, and entrees. Grab one at your leisure, or pull up a seat and savor it on premises.

Breakfast and brunch are impressive affairs too. Diners can pick from four types of pancake batter, as well as brioche French toast. For the SoCal touch, opt for “morning mayhem” on jalapeno cheddar roll or the wet-style California burrito with freshly made guajillo sauce and melted cheese. Wash it down with a bacon-infused Bloody Mary or a mimosa, available with $1 refills.

Speaking of cocktails, BLVD 16 is proud to offer a full bar, with signature cocktails and wines specially curated by Master Sommelier Emily Wines to complement the restaurant’s dishes. During this fall season, BLVD 16 has created unique cocktails highlighting the flavors of pumpkins, California citrus, and herbs, as well as incorporating natural sweeteners such as organic honey and agave nectar.


The Lounge at Hotel Palomar

BLVD 16 can also accommodate diners’ dietary restrictions. If you require a vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free menu, the kitchen can prepare to special meals to adhere to those requirements.

In Los Angeles — particularly in the Westwood area — you can go to any number of spots for a fine meal. BLVD 16 at the Hotel Palomar can match and even exceed the expectations you have of Southern California’s best restaurants. Seasonal ingredients served in surprising yet satisfying combinations in tandem with refreshing beverages, all in a chic, welcoming setting — these are the components of a meal at BLVD 16. Whether you’re staying at the hotel or passing by the area, BLVD 16 promises a top-notch meal for all guests alike.

Blvd 16 private dining room at Hotel Palomar Los Angeles/Westwood

Blvd 16 private dining room at Hotel Palomar Los Angeles/Westwood

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