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Four Products That Will Make Your Indian Summer a Cool Paradise

True Californians know that the real summer heat often comes after summer has kissed us goodbye. With these four revolutionary products, you will stay calm, cool and connected, even as Indian Summer blazes in. With one swipe across your skin, COOL OFF™ towelettes, bring instant relief. coldfront® cooling gel packs fit in your palm but pack an iceberg-sized chill. And if your energy wanes, just open a little packet of alternaVites, and it will melt right on the tongue for an instant multivitamin fix—even without water! Then take your newly-invigorated self on a walk in a pair of stylish Pluggz flip-flops, which literally connect you to the earth with their ground-breaking design. Check out the video below, and see a list of where Pluggz can be found in L.A. and Southern California.

Cool-OffsSoothing Botanicals Fans of COOL OFF™ towelettes can’t get enough of their beautiful scent. It’s no surprise that the portable towelettes use 17 therapeutic, refreshing botanicals, herbs and essential oils. COOL OFF™ towelettes bring the skin temperature down by an average of 13 degrees and maintain that level of cool for up to an hour. And you can keep your commitment to being green by simply rinsing COOL OFF™ towelettes in water and re-using them to your cool heart’s content.   See more at:


Cool-FrontColdfront: On-the-Go Ice
When temperatures soar, how great would it be to slip your own personal cooling system into your backpack or purse? coldfront® palm-sized gel packs come with their own carrying case which doubles as a tiny freezer/recharger.

This patented Re-cool Technology refreshes the cold in the gel packs so you can place them on your neck or wrist and stay chilled out all day long. Find out more at:


More Energy

Now you can have on-the-go energy for all of your endless summer plans.  alternaVites are so revolutionary you don’t even need water; they melt right onto your tongue for an instant, nutritious pick-me-up! Or you can add them to your H20 for an invigorating infusion of vitamins. alternaVites miraculously provide 23 essential vitamins in their yummy crystalline powder. They also have Alternavites Kids. See more at:

Fashion & Function Unite  Pluggz flip-flops literally connect you with the earth’s healing energy with their proprietary “grounding” effect. One of 2013’s top 3 spa trends, “earthing” or “grounding” reconnects you to the source without having to be barefoot.


The ingenious plug feature in the sole of the shoe provides energetic contact between the earth and the body, without sacrificing style. Now you can take a walk by the beach and heal your soul. Find out more:

O’ My Sole (3 stores in LA area):
4710 ½ Admiralty Way
Marina Del Rey, CA

101 N Indian Hill Blvd
C-101, Claremont, CA
5242 E 2nd St,
Long Beach, CA

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4508 Forman Ave
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