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Superfood For Pets: Pet Sun Chlorella

You’ve seen incredible results in your own life by using Sun Chlorella, now you can share the gift of good health with your pet too. Pet Sun Chlorella is the quality pet Superfood used and recommended by America’s top breeders and veterinarians.

Just like Sun Chlorella for humans, Pet Sun Chlorella helps flush out your pet’s toxins and chemicals. It also enhances your pet’s health with an abundance of beta-carotene, and will improve your pet’s appearance and overall health and well-being. It has 19 amino acids and more than 20 vitamins and minerals.

Pet Sun Chlorella contains both Sun Chlorella and Sun Eleuthero, which means your pet can experience the amazing health benefits of CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor the component that helps rebuild cells) and the adaptogenic benefits of Eleuthero. This powerful combination is not available in any other pet food supplement.

Pet Sun Chlorella has no artificial flavors or harmful ingredients that are found in most commercial pet treats. Rest assured, you won’t have to hide this pet Superfood in his or her regular food to get them to take Pet Sun Chlorella. Your pet will love the delicious, wholesome flavor, and you will appreciate your pet’s visible health improvements.

For more on the benefits of Pet Sun Chlorella or to purchase, click HERE.

Find out why LA’s the Place voted Sun Chlorella as a Top Pick for 2010!

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Written by Lanee Neil


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