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Attus Apparel Takes Boring Out of Polo Shirts

a little rebellion + a little anarchy = unique polos with attitudeAttus Apparel

Attus, as in Attus Apparel, is a made-up abbreviation of the word "anti-status". Unlike your typical polo shirts, which often have meaningless symbols such as cute little animals or snooty crests, Attus Apparel polos’ embroidered symbols are steeped in meaning: Whatever represents you.

Fun, funky, and individual, these stonewashed, 100% Peruvian pique cotton slim fit polos are inspired by real-life activities people enjoy such as snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, music, art, pranks, drinking beer, chasing ladies, mischief and more mischief.

While appearing fairly innocuous at first glance, these polos may garner you a double-take as your wear your attitude with pride. Need a symbol of stripper on a pole? They’ve got your shirt. Want to subtly flip someone the bird? Now you can – in a variety of colors. Care to show your love for skateboarding? Most definitely. Attus Apparel has created a line that allows you to express your inner rebel while still appearing all grown up.

New offerings coming in 2009, from long-sleeved shirts to socks, with the brand spakin’ new Attus Prep line.

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Attus Apparel 

So…are you ready to set yourself apart from the crowd? To advertise yourself, your mood, your interests? Need a special gift for that very special someone? Then visit or call                      (800) 532-1942           for a catalog.

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