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TeaZazz Sparkling Tea – the Healthy, Delicious Alternative

Tea ZazzA great tasting, healthy alternative to soft drinks, TeaZazz Sparkling Tea is the perfect marriage of “better-for-you” tea with the sparkling fun of soda. Offering a diet-friendly 20-25 calories per serving, TeaZazz delivers the health benefits associated with antioxidants found in tea with exceptional taste that does not rely on the high fructose corn syrup commonly found in soft drinks.

You’ve heard of antioxidants, the cancer-fighting, age-defying, heart-healthy elements commonly found in tea. Now you can get them in every bottle of TeaZazz, which comes in four delicious varieties: Original, Green Tea Lemon, Peach and Green Tea Mint.? So, go ahead and put down that diet cola and treat your body, heart and taste buds to a refreshing bottle of TeaZazz.

Tea Zazz

You could say TeaZazz brings bubbly refreshment to the ready to drink tea category, or that TeaZazz brings health and wellness to the sugar-water soft drink industry.? Either way, you would be right.? Born right here in sunny Los Angeles, TeaZazz is about bringing health, hydration, fun and happiness to beverage consumers everywhere. TeaZazz is available in 20 oz. Bottles and be found at your local grocer.? For more information, please visit


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5 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. Pammi

    Finally, Something Good for Us that will also make us SMILE.

    I lived in Europe for many years, so drinking tap water was not
    the habit. I became accustomed to drinking Bottled Sparkling Water.

    When returning to the States sodas or regular flat water was not the habit so I was inclined to drinking Sparkling Bottled water from the expensive
    brands in Resturants and at home. I am looking forward to something
    that will answer taste for healthy, fresh, and with Carbonation.
    Where can I get this product? Is it available in Resturants also?

    Rancho Vista

  2. See now this seems like one of the products that comes out and totally fills one of those needs that you just didnt know you had. I have a huge soda fixation and i know that my favorite thing about it is the carbonation. Not so much wich type of soda coke, root beer, etc its all about the fizz. This would make a great alternative. Where can i find it? i am dying to replace my high calorie cokes with something healthier and tastier.


  3. Tanya

    Where can I buy TeaZazz? The packaging is very FRESH, COLORFUL, and BUBBLY! Tea with carbonation is quite a unique idea and I am looking forward to replacing my current daily ‘flat green tea drink’ with this exciting one – TeaZazz! The PEACH TEA with BUBBLES sounds FANTASTIC also!

    I live in the Murrieta/Temecula, California area and we need this product in our stores and restaurants!

  4. Rocco Bele

    Such a shame, another supposed health drink sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Just saw this on closeout at Gelson’s in Laguna beach. Sounds like i’m not the only one who feels this way about this product. Attractive packaging, nice try, but back to the drawing board! Has anyone found any other healthy sparkling teas out there beside Steaz,VidaTea & Cricket?

  5. Jim Johnson

    It’s not that good. It’s different.

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