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Soda Club – Glass of Bubbly, Anyone?

Soda_jerk.jpgEven if you’re too young to remember the golden age of the soda fountain, you’re probably familiar with its charms and its legend. Back then, you could take a stool at the counter and order up a tall, fizzy soda. The fresh and refreshing drink bubbled up on your tongue, and because it was custom made for you, it didn’t have time to go flat and tasteless. Now, with Soda Club, you can whip up your own sparkling drink and play soda jerk–only without the goofy hat.

Though new to the United States, millions of households around the world have enjoyed using Soda Club to make their own seltzer water and effervescent drinks. This household appliance occupies about the same amount of space as a coffeemaker, and its operation is about as simple. If you can screw and unscrew a bottle, you’re halfway there. Soda_Club.JPGIf you can push a button, then your custom-made seltzer is ready to serve. With the addition of different soda mixes, you can create a whole spectrum of flavors, including Root Beer, Lemon Lime, Ginger Ale, and Cranberry-Raspberry.

The U.S. debut of Soda Club comes at an especially opportune moment. Every day, we’re inundated with alarming statistics about the nation’s health, and studies indicate that the popularity of canned sodas may be a factor. Soda Club, however, bucks this trend. Soda Club’s regular flavors will satisfy your craving for a sweet, satisfying drink, but without anywhere as much sugar, calories, or carbs as commercial brands. The diet flavors, in addition, are made with Splenda and not aspartame. The majority of Soda Club’s offerings also contain less sodium and caffeine than their in-store counterparts.

Your personal health is no small concern, but Soda Club’s benefits don’t end there; your pocketbook will thank you as well. With Soda Club, you can enjoy seltzer water for an economical 17 cents per liter, while soda rings in at a very reasonable 42 cents per liter. Soda Club also makes ecological sense; the reusable carbonating bottles and concentrated flavor packets are a welcome antidote to the landfill-hogging bottled sodas. Whereas the average American may throw out more than 500 aluminum cans every year, a Soda Club owner can reuse one or two carbonating bottles for a number of years. Even better, Soda Club requires no batteries or electricity, and it’s the perfect addition to your RV or boat.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. You may never get your kids to pick up the vegetable juice voluntarily, but there’s a way to get them to drink the good stuff without making it feel like a chore. With Soda Club, you can make any beverage as tasty and as addictive as those sugary, expensive drinks, all in the comfort of your own home. Your kids will literally drink it up, and your guests will think you’re hiding a bottling plant in your pantry. You, meanwhile, can rest assured that you’re simply serving up a healthy, economical alternative to your friends and family.

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Written by Jane Emery


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