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Natalie Asatryan – How the Youngest Female Yoga Teacher in America is Making a Difference

Natalie Asatryan youngest female Yoga teacher in America
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At only 12 years old, Natalie Asatryan is the youngest female Yoga teacher in America. This yoga instructor also gives her yoga class donations to charity. This young yoga teacher is an inspiration for all. We wanted to find out more about what drove her to pursue her passion at such a young age.

Q: Why did you become a yoga teacher?
A: I became a yoga teacher so I could share the benefits of yoga with my family, my friends and anyone who’s interested.

Q: How did you get started in Yoga?
A: I started doing yoga when I was five years old. One of my kindergarten friend’s mom invited us to a yoga class in Toluca Lake. My mom took me there and I absolutely loved it! The classes were only twice a week but I loved it so much that every day I asked my mom if it was yoga day. Then, when I was about nine, I told my mom I wanted to become a yoga teacher. She said, “That’s fine, you can become anything you want when you grow up.” I said, “I want to become a yoga teacher NOW.” So, my mom started looking for yoga teacher training schools that would take me. And, studio after studio, turned us down because of my age. They said I was too young. But we didn’t give up looking. Three years later, when I was 12, we found an amazing teacher training program. I completed my 200-hour teacher training with 10 adults. I am now a certified yoga teacher and a member of Yoga Alliance

Q: How have your students reacted to your young age as their instructor?
A: They usually make comments about how cool it is that I can command a room full of adults and keep the class spiritual, joyful, lighthearted, and funat the same time.

Natalie Asatryan youngest female Yoga teacher in America

Natalie Asatryan youngest female Yoga teacher in America

Q: What do you like about yoga?
A: Yoga is an ancient wisdom and you can spend your entire life studying it, but you can never learn everything there is to know about yoga. I am first and foremost a student of yoga. I also like that you can practice yoga anytime, anywhere; all you need is your body and your breath.

Q: Tell us about your yoga classes and your charity work.
A: All my yoga classes are donation based and I donate 100% of the proceeds to charities. Recently, I did a few classes for the American Red Cross and raised $1,000 for the victims of hurricane Harvey. I have also had the pleasure of acknowledging the local firefighters for their hard work and selflessness. I saw them work through a very big fire in our neighborhood and couldn’t wait to do something nice for them. Besides being involved in my community I also enjoy being involved with The Unstoppable Foundation which is my main charity. I have partnered up with them to build a school in Kenya. I really value education and believe that the children are the future. They all deserve an education.

Q: What’s your big vision for yourself?
A: I haven’t figured all that out yet, but my motto is, “work hard, have fun, make a difference.” I hope to inspire the hearts of other children my age, younger and older, to also want to make a difference. It doesn’t have to be through yoga; it can be whatever they’re passionate about.

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