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WOW! Creations 2017 pre-ESPY Gift Lounge Sponsors, Continued

Written by Jane Emery

More of the great brands that took part in the WOW! Creations pre-ESPY Gift Lounge, some well-known names and many new products coming into the market for the first time:

Mama Taylor’s Treats

Mama Taylor's Treats

Amberlee Taylor, owner.

Fudge! Mama Taylor’s Treats added some irresistible sweetness to the day with “The best fudge you’ve ever tasted“.  Amberlee Taylor decided to go into business when her homemade fudge caused such a clamor for more, she knew it was her calling!

True Lemon

True Lemon

Tastes like fresh squeezed lemon — 100% lemon, no preservatives. Great go-to zero-calorie healthy drink that makes drinking the amount of water we’re supposed to be drinking everyday, possible! Mixed with stevia it tastes like fresh lemonade. Also for use in recipes that call for lemon.

True Lemon has partnered with Feeding America to donate the equivalent of over 1.2 million meals.  Go to: and enter code 1097900125. For every code entered, True Citrus will donate the cost of Feeding America to supply one meal through its network of food banks. Awesome.

Upper Crust Pizza kept hot delicious pizza onhand for all attendees. Delicious crust, authentic flavors, some of the pizza specialties they served included Geppetto’s Roasted Veggie, Margherita, White Spinach and more. New location in Beverly Hills. An east coast favorite.

Banzi Bacon

Banzai Bacon Jerky

Banzai Jerky takes bacon t0 a whole other level! If you love bacon, or if you love jerky, you will love Banzai Jerky. They’ve managed to create crunchy bites of deliciousness, with flavors like Teriyaki, it is an amazing combination of sweet, spicy, savory and salty all in a crispy bacon snack.

The Billy Goat Chip Company -handcrafted gourmet potato chips, including sweet potato chips seasoned deliciously. One hundred percent guarantee you’ll love them.

Dunking Buddy

Dunking buddy

This perfect little cookie-dunking cup was in the giftbag.  Helps make dunking cookies easier, cleaner and more enjoyable. Dirty fingers? Don’t want to get milk on your fingers? No problem. Just insert cookie in holder, slide it down into your beverage and enjoy. A magnet allows the cookie holder to be held in place while you slide it down from the outside. No more mess, germs or spills.

Diabolo Soda

Diablo Soda is all natural and only 30 calories! No need for over-sweetened soda when you can have a no-guilt delicious Diablo.  Guests tasted Mint Lemonade, Tangerine Pomagranate and Blueberry Lemonade French Soda.

WOW! Creations' Mark Harris and Matt Harris with actor Gabriel Jarret.

WOW! Creations’ Mark Harris and Matt Harris with actor Gabriel Jarret.

Other sponsors of the WOW! Creations ESPY gift lounge included Engel & Volkers, commercial, residential, yacht realtors: Local experts, Global reach. and RPM Mortgage, Inc., the preferred lending partner of Engel & Volkers Beverly Hills.

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