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Looking for Work in LA? Check out These Top 5 Industries

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Written by Jane Emery

Everyone knows that L.A. is world-famous for its eclectic lifestyle and that there are so many cultures living and working side by side that it is truly one of the most diverse cities in the entire world. Besides a great number of cultures being represented in L.A. there is also a broad spectrum within socioeconomic divisions as well.

If ever you were going to look for a city that literally ‘has it all,’ LA would be that place. Looking for work in L.A.? Why not try one of the top industries in L.A. or Los Angeles County? It’s as good a place as any to start if you are looking for a job or better yet, a career. Check out these top 5 industries in L.A.

5. Social Services and Healthcare
With some of the nation’s largest and most reputable hospitals in LA, it’s no wonder that an increasing number of people are looking to enter the workforce. With a severe shortage of nurses and online nursing degree programs like those offered at Arizona State University, there will always be a job waiting for you once you complete your online nursing program. There is no shortage of work available so if you are looking for a career, nursing is a really good place to start.

4. Scientific, Technical and Assorted Professional Services
In Los Angeles County there are almost 31,000 businesses within this broad category netting an annual business revenue of about $62 billion per year. Jobs within this industry number just over 471,000 and as an industry, it is undergoing a growth spurt in and around LA. If you’ve a mathematical or scientific mind, this is one forward thinking industry to consider working in.

3. Retail
Retail takes in literally any kind of business that has its doors open to the public with merchandise to sell. Whether you are seeking work as a cashier, a floor manager or a stock person, this is one huge industry and getting larger by the day. At the time of this census there were just over 418,000 paid employees.

2. Wholesale
Wholesale distribution in Los Angeles County not only serves the county itself but goods being sold wholesale are then shipped to all parts of the world. This industry had over 250,000 paid employees in February of 2015 and the numbers have surely climbed since then.

1. Manufacturing
Who would have ever thought that the City of Angels would have manufacturing as the number one industry with a total annual revenue of almost $154 billion in 2015? That’s a pretty sizeable industry without a doubt. This is an industry that doesn’t always require a degree for an entry level position and one that can easily raise up management from within the ranks. However, unlike getting an online RN to BSN degree where your pay will jump dramatically with that higher level of education, it often takes years of work to make an equivalent salary to an RN with a BSN degree.

There you have the top 5 industries in and around LA. With so much work available the only way you ‘won’t’ get a job is if you don’t go out looking. Jobs are plentiful so with a bit of effort you could be reporting for duty on Monday! Good luck hunting.

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