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Consumer Product Events Unveil their Holiday Gift Ideas at Media Event

Smart Lighting
Written by Jane Emery

sumThe Consumer Product Events sneak preview of holiday gift ideas at the Le Merigot JW Marriott in Santa Monica featured products as wide ranging as a children’s book series that raises children’s environmental consciousness to recycled couture. Los Angeles media representatives were invited to the event to gather information for their annual gift guide editorials and new product pages. Here are a few of the unique offerings of gifts for him and gifts for her you’ll be hearing more about in the weeks ahead.

Softline Home Decor
HGTV Design Star‘s “Sparkle Josh” Johnson, known for his flowing blonde locks and upbeat personality, has a new line of Softline Home Decor pillows and window treatments that are as unique as their creator. Johnson’s love of Hollywood glitz and his trademark sense of fun are on full display in his signature reverse sequin pillows that you can write or draw on with your finger. These one of a kind accessories are a big hit with celebrities such as Viola Davis, Matt Damon, and Sofia Vergara. To see all his great designs, go to: JoshJohnsonHome.com

Designer Josh Johnson and associates

Designer Josh Johnson (center) and associates

Nobody likes walking into a dark house. Switchmate can make coming home after the sun goes less spooky thanks to a new Smartphone app that illuminates any room in your house or all of them before you reach the driveway. Even the most unhandy homeowner can manage the simple installation which requires no wiring or tools. Switchmate also includes a timer feature that allows you to easily program your lights to come on before you get home or at random times when you’re away. To find out how to get yours, go to: SwitchmateHome.com


CEO Dean Finnegan with Switchmate – makes technology simple, and your life safer and easier.

Adventures of Camelia N.
The award-winning book series, Adventures of Camelia N. takes children on an unforgettable journey across the seven continents, under the sea and into outer space. Readers gain an understanding and appreciation of wildlife and our planet’s natural resources. Debbie Wideroe, a Harvard-educated professor and the author of the series, has also created the Camelia Kids Care projects which allow kids to put what they learn into practice. The important lessons the books are meant to teach never impede the fast-paced, engaging stories. DebbieWideroe.com

The Adventures of Camilla N.

The Adventures of Camelia N.

Breakaway Matcha
Author, and chef, Eric Gower decided that the best way to ensure he would always have access to the finest matcha tea on the planet was to develop his own line of the nuanced, anti-oxidant rich miracle beverage. BreakawayMatcha is poised meet the growing artisanal demand for this vibrant emerald-colored Japanese tea. Each of the twelve savory varieties of Breakaway Matcha’s HyperPremium tea has its own unique personality which connoisseurs and newcomers alike will recognize. One sip may have you swapping your coffee for this exotic alternative. BreakawayMatcha.com

Breakaway Matcha

Breakaway Matcha

The entrepreneurial pair behind what is sure to be this year’s hot party game hope to get people talking and laughing by finding the fun in our often uncomfortable holiday social situations. Personalogy is a hilarious multiple choice card game that asks players to answer seemingly simple questions that can reveal more about a person than you would ever learn by making idle chit chat. The tone is lighter than “Cards Against Humanity” and doesn’t require players to have a vast amount of general and pop culture knowledge like “Trivial Pursuits.” In short, it’s perfect for almost any holiday get together. Buy on Amazon or go to Personalogygame.com


Lilamani de Silva, Co-creator, Michelle Burke, Co-creator

Wildflower Cases
When Michelle Carlson decided to design cute and colorful cell phone covers for her two fashion forward teenage daughters, she had no aspirations beyond a fun side-business. That all changed thanks to a chance encounter with Miley Cyrus, who raved enough about the covers to convince Carlson to take Wildflower Cases nationwide. Today, Wildflower’s limited edition, handmade cases are available in a range of fresh designs incorporating inventive textures and colors. Celebrity fans including YouTube influencers Maddie Bragg and Lindsey Hughes, the Jenner sisters, and Jessi Rutherford of the band the Neighbourhood has collaborated with the brand to create their own designs. Added bonus; Wildflower Cases are super durable which means they will actually protect your phone when you drop it. WildflowerCases.com

Wildflower Cases

Dave Carlson, wife Michelle and daughters with their great family-created brand of cell phone covers.

Anam Caras
Anam Caras means “soul friend” in Gaelic, which perfectly describes California-based artist, Colleen Stratton’s whimsical fantasy animal alphabet collection. This series of fine art prints will spark your child’s imagination. All of the mythical beasts are colorful, lovable and non-threatening which makes this an ideal choice for any young child’s bedroom or play area. The prints can also be customized to include the recipient’s name and a personalized message that will provide inspiration for years to come. AnamCaras.com

Colleen Stratton

Colleen Stratton

Thinium Technologies
The world’s thinnest wall charger. Inspired by the thinness of a credit card and a desire to say “adios” to cables, Thinium is indeed the skinniest of cell phone chargers.  The foldable, retractable docking station plugs directly, like a nightlight, into a wall or USB port. Graced with four innovation awards at CES, the ultrathin advancement has forever replaced the antiquated brick-charger technology of yesterday. Thinium.com

Thinium Technologies, the world's thinnest wall charger

Thinium Technologies, the world’s thinnest wall charger

Deborah Lindquist
Known as L.A’s “green queen”, the celebrity designer’s environmentally friendly yet fun approach to fashion and home decor has made her a favorite among celebrities such as Pink, Christian Aguilera, and Rhianna. Her eco-couture fashion philosophy has also struck a chord with consumers who are concerned about the impact their choices may have on the planet. Linquist’s line of repurposed cashmere accessories runs the gamut from pillows to pop art along with her upcycled leather handbags and elegant fingerless gloves and scarves.

Deborah Lindquist

Just Jan’s
Just Jan’s- What do you do when your fig tree over performs? If you are Jan Hogrewe, a twenty year veteran of the film industry and life-long foodie, you use the overabundance to help launch an all-natural line of gourmet spreads and curds. All of Just Jan’s products, from tangy jams and delectable pumpkin butter to spicy sriracha and sweet marmalade, are lower in sugar than most of the spreads you’ll find in the store, free of preservatives and made with all natural ingredients. These lovingly crafted products will bring flair and flavor to your table. JustJans.com

Just Jan's

Since 1996, Consumer Product Events, a sister company of Brown + Dutch Public Relations, Inc. has been helping brands get their products in front of the taste makers that write about them. CPE is the creation of PR veteran Alyson Dutch, who is recognized as one of the nation’s top consumer product PR professionals for her work with clients as diverse as Think Thin nutrition bars, Swatch and Tokyo Coca-Cola. Dutch is the author of the PR Handbook for Entrepreneurs, which is considered required reading for start-ups.

Find out how you can promote your product without the cost of a PR firm and get your product in front of media here: Consumerproductevents.com

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