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The Artisan Group® 2015 MTV Movie Award Gift Bag Participants

The Artisan Group® ( has been a conduit for independently-owned artisan businesses to attain exposure that they would have never been able to achieve on their own. Through TAG, they have been able to get their designs into the hands of Hollywood celebrities and VIP media, as well as amazing exposure in primetime TV shows and films.

At GBK’s MTV Movie Awards Weekend Gift Lounge, TAG was onsite with a hip selection of handcrafted goods prepared by its members especially for attending celebrities, VIPs and members of the press in Hollywood, California.

The 2015 MTV Gift Bag from The Artisan Group

The 2015 MTV Gift Bag from The Artisan Group

The Artisan Group®’s gift bag this year was valued at over $1,200.00. It included an assortment of artisan jewelry; bath and body products; hair accessories; designer stationery; nail polishes and cosmetics; pet products; fine art photography and other handcrafted items.

Check them all out on The Artisan Group®’s Pinterest page too!

Participating members gifting the celebrities at GBK’s 2015 MTV Movie Awards Celebrity Gift Lounge include:

Jaclyn Brzezinski, Chrysalis Studios; Courtenay Madsen, Courtenay J Designs; Jennifer DeHerrera, Dollipop Cosmetics; Fiona Rohde, Fiona Designs LLC; Julie Fittler, Five Souls Designs; Mila and Payton Bartos, FizzCandy Jewelry; Sarah Struett, Four Black Paws; Jennifer O’Sullivan, Hole In Her Stocking Designs; Bethany Schuelke, Hope Anchored Designs; Chelsea Farmer, HorseFeathers Jewelry & Gifts; Christi Meshell, House of Matriarch; Jamie Estelle, Jamie Estelle Jewelry; Cynthia Öesterreich, JewelryFX; Michelle McLaughlin, MOTHERBORED; Anita Miller, Nature’s Images By Design; Melissa J. Robinson, Raven Boutique LLC; Christy Remmick, Rilos & MiMi; Emma Mann, Soap Cauldron; Christy Arneson, Anja’s Arts; Anju Khanna, anjuSparks; Sandra Miller, Beaded by Sandra; Lisa Glassburn, Camo Ammo Jewelry; Monica Sargeant, Delia’s Delight Jewelry; Fizza Irfan, Inayaaz; Jude McConkey, j. McConkey Photography & Wearable Art; Sandy and Stevie D’ Andrea, Jewels For Hope; Caitlin Brotz, Olivü 426; Alexa Meyerson, Painted Cosmetics; Stephanie Hovsepian, SassyBelleWares; Sandra Cooze, Serafina Fae; Sloane Swayze, Sloane Jewelry Design; Leslie Tucker, Surprise Designs; Genevieve Meehan, The Azure Rose; Adrienne Wonzo, Virago Varnish.

Here is part one, introducing you to every designer who’s designs were in the Gift Bag:

Courtenay J Designs:


We love this! Courtenay Madsen, and her inspirational 2-Way Quartz necklace with its beautifully-curved angel’s wing and contemporary quartz drop pendant is perfect personified. No matter which way you wear this beautifully crafted necklace, it’s the perfect compliment for any outfit. Truly unique and beautiful design that really accents your neckline.

Hope Anchored Designs:

Emmy Buckner of Disney's Liv and Maddie with Hope Anchored Designs

Emmy Buckner of Disney’s Liv and Maddie with Hope Anchored Designs

Hope Anchored Designs gifted their gorgeous Bohemian Druzy Wrap Bracelet, Navy Agate Bro-celet by Hope Anchored Designs. This great brand is classic, handcrafted jewelry line blends stylish, chic & classic. Their bangles are made to mix & match to fit your outfit, mood & location. Whether you’re jetting around the globe or relaxing at the beach, they have the perfect arm candy for you.

Jewels For Hope:

Nautical Photo Necklace by Jewels For Hope.

Nautical Photo Necklace by Jewels For Hope.

Owners Sandy and Steve D’Andrea of Jewels for Hope and their nautically-inspired necklace will always help you find your way back to home, hearth and personal conviction. Such a fantastic way to always feel connected to what matters most to you in a whimsical and beautifully crafted wearable compass to your heart. Jewels For Hope has always given back part of of their proceeds to charities.

Chrysalis Studios Butterfly Wing Jewelry & Art:

Laura Slade Wiggins of Shameless with Chrysalis Studios.

Laura Slade Wiggins of Shameless with Chrysalis Studios.

Jaclyn Brzezinski is the owner and designer of Chrysalis Studios. Chrysalis Studios preserves the beauty and wonder of real butterflies by cloaking their wings in a chrysalis of glass to live on and be treasured as a unique piece of art or jewelry!

Jamie Estelle Jewelry:

Jonathan Sadowski of Young & Hungry with Jamie Estelle Jewelry.

Jonathan Sadowski of Young & Hungry with Jamie Estelle Jewelry.

Hailing from New Jersey, jewelry designer Jamie Estelle has unique assortments of handmade jewelry, with great prices on high quality items. They gifted from The Lillian Collection, their Jamie Estelle Angel Wing Necklace. They offer gemstones, sterling silver, fashion jewelry, embroidery, keepsakes, and more.

HorseFeathers Jewelry:

Frankie Muniz of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!; Malcolm in The Middle with HorseFeathers Gifts.

Frankie Muniz of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!; Malcolm in The Middle with HorseFeathers Gifts.

Chelsea Farmer, owner of HorseFeathers Jewelry & Gifts, gifted her flat out gorgeous silver, round mood ring, which is both nostalgic and contemporary. Fascinating to see how it changes colors as you do your moods and reflecting the true moments in your life. They also design and sell Silk Wrap Bracelets, Mood Ring, Wax Seal Jewelry, Custom State Jewelry, Hand Stamped Jewelry, Inspirational Wrap Bracelets, and Eco-Friendly Jewelry. Handmade In USA.

Delia’s Delights Jewelry:

Karmic Serenity Necklace by Delia's Delight Jewelry

Karmic Serenity Necklace by Delia’s Delight Jewelry

Monica Sargeant, owner of  Delia’s Delights Jewelry, gifted her intuitive Karmic Serenity Necklace, which will be sure to bring peace and serenity to the wearer of this dazzling charm. Delicate and lovingly created with the breath of knowlege and grounding of spirit and harmony. The perfect gift for all those over worked and frazzled celebs seeking to make peace with their karma.


Chris Mulkey - NOMINEE for Whiplash with Motherbored.

Chris Mulkey – NOMINEE for Whiplash with Motherbored.

Michelle McLaughlin , owner of MOTHERBORED (love this name) shared her cutting edge, unique and innovative upcycled MOTHERBORED necklaces hanging by silver chains. What a fantastic use of design and creativity. Celebs were gifted these attention-getting, edgy necklaces. These are  perfect for those trend setters who love setting the bar on fashion and contributing to the next “it” trend.

Stay tuned for more!


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