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WOW! Creations Lifestyle Gifting Suite Celebrates the 2014 Academy Awards

WOW! Creations founders, the "Kings of Swag" Matt and Mark Harris "Storage Wars"

WOW! Creations founders, the “Kings of Swag” Matt and Mark Harris who you can see on “Storage Wars”! Photo by Kerstin Alm

The annual 2014 WOW! Creations Lifestyle Gifting Suite took in celebration of the 2014 Academy Awards. Held at the Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, many celebrities, VIPs and media came together as excitement built for the Oscars that weekend. The elegant lounge featured vendors from across the United States and beyond, who came to share their brands and products to celebrities and Hollywood VIPs. The lucky guests walked away with thousands of dollars of unique and exciting swag.

Many nominees and celebrity guests attended the lounge, including: Oscar Nominee – June Squibb – Nebraska, Oscar Nominee – Joel Harlow – Lone Ranger, Oscar Nominee – Chris Rouse – Captain Phillips, Oscar Nominee – James Dumont – Dallas Buyers Club, Oscar Nominee – Lydia Dean Philer,  Astronaut Buzz Aldrin – Apollo XI, 11, Gemini 12, Jack Scalia – Actor, Oscar Winner – Stephen Price – Gravity, Sofia Milos – CSI Miami, Actress Maria Conchito Alonso and Beverly Hills Housewife Taylor Armstrong, among others.

Mark and Matt Harris was joined by Oscar nominee June Squib at the WOW! Creations Oscar Lounge.

Mark and Matt Harris was joined by Oscar nominee June Squib at the WOW! Creations Oscar Lounge.

First class Living Noir is the ultra-luxurious personal aircraft company that offers its’ clients concierge service with a host of cost-and-time saving advantages.  Flexible one-way pricing… rapier customer service… access to more aircraft – even complimentary flights on empty legs.  Living Noir offers bespoke options and benefits to those who know the difference between competent performance and impeccable, world-class service.  Living Noir

Oscar Nominee - Joel Harlow - Lone Ranger with Matt and Mark Harris

Oscar Nominee – Joel Harlow – Lone Ranger with Matt and Mark Harris

Fegogioielli Jewelery – Jewelry designer Melissa Fego, made her mark at the gifting suite with her beautiful one of a kind jewelry! Melissa grew up in an artistic family in the New York area. Both of her Italian grandmothers were beaders and seamstresses, and her mother – an artisan herself, helped shape and influence Melissa’s love of working with her hands from an early age to create one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

 Fegogioielli Jewelery gifted many gorgeous gemstone pieces like the Labradorite Double Stone Danglers and the Lemon Topaz Triple Stone "Academy" Danglers.

Fegogioielli Jewelery gifted many gorgeous gemstone pieces like the Labradorite Double Stone Danglers and the Lemon Topaz Triple Stone “Academy” Danglers.


Radar Watches

Exciting brand RADAR WATCHES is on a mission to “create change, one watch at a time!”  RADAR WATCHES offer an innovative interchangeable design that allows you to create your own watch color combinations. They want to see you rock the RADAR with your own custom colors, by interchanging the watch face and wrist band components. Very cool.


Designer Aaron Henderson, Project Runway winner, Project All Stars, with Radar Watches.

Zumer Sport – Zumer Sport has revolutionized the look and function of all types of sport bags. All of their products are created using actual authentic sports ball covers materials – basketball, baseball, tennis ball and soccer ball materials! What started as just the Drawstring Bags has evolved into a full line, and now Zumer Sport offers an incredible array of men’s and women’s wallets, eyeglass cases, portfolios, and a line of key chains and slap bracelets. Innovative and unique… Zumer Sport products celebrate your active sports lifestyle.

Zumba Sports Bags made from authentic sports ball materials.

Zumba Sports Bags made from authentic sports ball materials.

Pampered Me Organically Pampered Me Organically is a Canadian-owned company that sells organic bath and beauty products. They are dedicated and really do care. Their mission is to provide high quality organic products that are good for your health and wellbeing, as well as the environment

Pampered Me Organically

Pampered Me Organically

You can rest assured that there are no harmful chemicals, fragrances, colorants, preservatives, or animal ingredients in Pampered Me Organically products. They strive to be an environmentally-conscious, organic, completely biodegradable company. Love this brand.

GliSODin Skin Nutrients is a professional nutricosmetic line dedicated to supplement your beauty regimen. These great medical-grade products are specially formulated by dermatologists and nutritionists to provide powerful antioxidants and bioactive nutraceuticals that promote enhanced and longer lasting results from your medical aesthetic treatments and beauty programs. Excellent.

GliSODin Skin Nutrients

GliSODin Skin Nutrients

DB Bourbon Candy – The Best Bourbon candy, made in Kentucky and discovered in Hollywood in a delicious, stylish way. An original, homemade recipe, the chocolate-covered Bourbon balls melted in your mouth in an explosion of flavor. Robyn Stuart Robyn wanted to honor her mother and created a business in 2002, making the delicious treat, which was a family tradition. This is an organization that represents independent artisans and creatives, featuring hand-crafted gem and fashion jewelry, original pieces of art, Spa products and more.

Dr. Kathy Gohar – Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center

In the rarified world of eminent cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Kathy Gohar is a star.  In fact… she’s 5-Stars.  In online surveys, satisfied clients have consistently awarded Dr. Gohar the highest possible rating for the exceptional beauty results she is able to achieve on her clients.  But Kathy’s expertise goes beyond performance and number – her attentive care and personal commitment to patients often creates a life-long relationship with her rejuvenated clientele. Beverly Hills Cosmetic & Laser Center, 436 N. Roxbury Suite 115 Beverly Hills, California 90210 Phone 310.275.4155

Dr. Kathy Gohar, (not shown) is featured in many publications.

Dr. Kathy Gohar, (not shown) is featured in many publications.

InstaKnot – How to Tie a Tie –  The coolest design to come to ties…ever! No more fussing with a tie knot. Interchangable colors, just slip your tie into one of these and..voile!


Gift lounge guest wearing InstaKnot, mixed and matched the black with a crystal, and a red tie. Stunning. Photo by Kerstin Alm

Your new cool look. Think of it as your modern-day solution for Tying a Knot fast –  easy and elegant under 30 seconds. You can Mix N Match InstaKnot, with lots of great colors and designs to choose from. Red Carpet Ready in an instant.

Inst-a-Tie – There’s a new voice in Las Vegas… and she speaks for – and to – a new generation.  Every Thursday between 6-7 pm, teenager Corey Taylor Taylor talks about the issues important to kids today on internet radio station VNAR (Vegas All Net Radio).  From music to relationships, school bullying to fashion…. Taylor discusses the challenges facing young people with humor, honesty, and input from experts.


Radio Talk Show Host Corey Taylor, who helps kids with current, common isses of life daily.

Green Vibrance – Formulated by founder Mark Timon, MS Clinical Nutrition, this comprehensive, restorative advanced daily superfood by Vibrant Health, supports the 4 foundations of health: nutrition, digestion, circulation and immunity, with additional benefit to all body systems. Packed full of every kind of nutrient-dense plant concentrates and 12 dairy-free probiotic cultures, say goodbye to poor health! Amazing product.


Hammer And Nails – What if a nail salon existed for men? What if men could get pampered in an environment suited to their tastes? What if men could receive a manicure while watching sports and sipping a refreshing beverage in a king-size leather chair? Well gentleman, now you have what you’ve dreamed of!  A nail shop just for men!

Actor, director, producer and children's charity founder, Kevin Sorbo. You may know him best as "Hurcules", who visited the lounge.

Actor, director, producer and children’s charity “A World Fit For Kids”  founder, Kevin Sorbo. You may know him best as “Hurcules”, here visiting the WOW! Creations Oscar Lounge. Photo by Kerstin Alm.

Gary Tees – Gary Red is a cutting-edge, Los Angeles-based apparel brand  committed to connecting people of all cultures using the power of diversity, freedom and community. Lots of spirit behind the line!

Touch The Mind Tees

Touch The Mind Tees Photo by Kerstin Alm.

Sugar Shack Candles  For more than 20 years, the Sugar Shack Country Candle Company has set the standard for high-quality fragranced candles and soaps.  All candles are hand poured and packaged by experienced craftsmen – never mass-produced by machine.  And the company’s line of luxurious natural soaps… formed of coconut, palm, and safflower oils… soothe the skin without any detergents or added sulfates.

Project Runway All Star Aaron Henderson with LATP writer Tyler Emery.

Project Runway All Star Aaron Henderson with LATP writer Tyler Emery.PaperShower – When you lead an active, busy lifestyle, Paper Shower’s unique wet-and-dry towelettes allow you stay clean without slowing you down.  With the added moisturizer– means your skin won’t dry out after usage.   Soft and durable, Paper Shower absorbs the stress of the day, leaving you clean and comfortable.

Sarah’s Skinny Sweets – In a, word: Delicious! And healthy! Sarah’s cookies are moist, tasty gluten-free cookie. Using the power of the coconut, each cookie is as full of flavor as it is healthy ingredients. This sweet combination results in a guilt free delight with a unmatched velvety texture. Truly the perfect cookie! And guilt-free.


Caramel flavored Liqueur – kkAda was created by Zane Seely and Charlotte Gilbert. Long-time spirits evangelists, Zane and Charlotte have created an amazing product which is one of the fastest growing liqueurs in the US. kkAda’s caramel flavor is derived from rare exotic Indian spices. Tastings at the WOW! Creations Oscar suite proved 100% of the time it was the best caramel flavor you will ever put in your mouth!

Caramel flavored Vodka

kkAda was created Charlotte Gilbert (rt) and by Zane Seely (not shown). Photo by Kerstin Alm.

PretendTan – Maintain a healthy glow just like the movie stars that stopped by Wow Creations Gifting Suite with Pretend Tan… with state-of-the-art technology PretendTan is streak free and ready to spray.

Pura Botanica – After a quick visit with Pura Botanica’s Christy Booth, A-listers were set to Pack, Travel & Enjoy the all-natural luxuries of their home bath ritual on the road.
Pura Botanica Founder Christy Booth with Steven Price, Composer of Original Score for Gravity

Pura Botanica Founder Christy Booth with Steven Price, Composer of Original Score for Gravity

Gifted was: Freshly Minted Collection: NPA-Certified hair-and-body care infused with invigorating mint essential oil that includes shampoo, conditioner, body cleanser and lotion. Also available in a TSA-Friendly Travel Kit. Botanic Bath Infusions: Healing, three-in-one bath therapy that combines mineral sea salts, therapeutic essential oils and signature blends of curative herbs and flowers. A favorite of Organic Spa Magazine. And Lend a Hand Crème Smoother.
Craig Borten, Co-writer, Dallas Buyers Club with Pura Botanica

Craig Borten, Co-writer, Dallas Buyers Club with Pura Botanica

Writer, Actor, Musician, Artist & overall creative type, Jason Lassen brings you behind the scenes of the competitive and political world of children’s birthday parties in Los Angeles. Sometimes the truth can be painfully funny.

Krystal Klear Water gave away a $795 Drinking Water Filtration System to a lucky Wow Creations Gifting Suite attendee! A family-owned business based in Williamsville, New York

Monster Energy One thing we all have in common with the Hollywood heavy hitters is that we all need our energy! Monster Energy Drink was there to add to the fun! Make sure no one stopped partying! As Monster puts it “A lifestyle in a can” visit  to check out all their events and products.

Hint Water San francisco’s Kara Goldin came up with this refreshing, all natural water. The idea behind hint is simple:  Purified water + a splash of natural flavor • no sugar • no diet sweeteners • no preservatives, additives or anything else that you can’t pronounce! Refreshing, healthy and delicious!

Mane Kiss Mane Kiss is based in Atlanta and run by a team of women with professional salon experience. Whatever the hair type (curly, straight, coarse, hair extensions) Mane Kiss has a product for you to combat all of the hair stress. All Mane Kiss products are made from natural ingredients.

1984 Olympic boxing champ Paul Gonzalez at the lounge.

1984 Olympic boxing champ Paul Gonzalez at the lounge. Photo by Kerstin Alm.

Puppa Nutter Puppa Nutter is peanut butter for dogs! It is a 100% all natural peanut butter snack made with only the highest grade U. S. grown and harvested peanuts.  The only other ingredient added into this snack is the golden flax seed rich in omega-3 fatty acids, known to add a sheen to a pup’s coat.

BrVelle Candles A luxury custom candle maker.  Each candle is uniquely created with a personal touch by BrVelle.  Each season a new style of candle is released creating your favorite memories of the season. www.brvelle.candles

Udder Cream – Udderly Smooth® products are not your average moisturizing lotion. Udderly Smooth® can be used on dry skin, cracked skin, for diabetes foot care, as a facial moisturizer, as a general moisturizing Lotion..anything you need good moisture for! Pioneered by a Pharmacist, Udder Smooth products, including Udder Cream which was gifted at the WOW! Oscar suite, is reasonably priced and made in America’s heartland for over thirty years.
Be Youthful.  Be Beautiful.  Be YOU. – is a site that is dedicated to helping men and women look and feel younger. They feature great info, natural products, and everything you need to know about anti aging skin care.

Penta Water, ultra-purified water, which hydrated and energize the celebrity guests at the lounge. Penta’s patented 13-step, 11-hour filtration and purification process uses high speed and pressure to transform drinking water into smaller, more readily absorbed water clusters. The result is fast hydration for peak health and performance.

The WOW! Creations Oscar gifting lounge took place on The Rodeo Penthouse at: The Luxe Hotel, 360 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif. 90210

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