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Writer and Scientist Enoch Tan Expounds on the Importance of Intelligence and Alignment

While many speak abstractly about realizing life goals, scientist and writer Enoch Tan offers concrete interpretations of the laws of the universe and how to master them by offering a fully comprehensive and contextual analysis of knowledge and truth. Currently he addresses the importance of intelligence and alignment as paramount to self-love, fulfillment and achievement.

To begin, Enoch Tan defines the two terms:

Alignment – How you feel, Attention.

Intelligence – Awareness, Knowledge, the way you think.

Knowing the difference between alignment and intelligence is key to mastering Enoch Tan’s teaching. Alignment allows the best possibilities to flow to you. Intelligence or awareness allows you discern all possibilities and how to handle them. Alignment works on your feeling. Awareness works on your beliefs. Awareness helps you to get better alignment. You can always feel better about getting what you want when you know the possibilities that exist in getting what you want.

Intelligence Begins with Self-Love

“Well being is the basis of all intelligent work,” affirms Enoch Tan. The highest love is Self Love. Without self-love, all other love is false because what love can one truly give when one does not have self love? One must be sexually fulfilled with self, or feel good with self. Self-pleasure and intelligence are alpha and omega.

Here is where Enoch Tan explains how alignment and intelligence go hand in hand. You can only have as much alignment as you have intelligence. But your intelligence can only function as well as the amount of well-being or alignment you have with Source. Another version of these polarities is love and wisdom.

Alignment Is Foundational

Creativity is grounded in well-being and well-being gives the space for intelligence to unfold all its infinite possibilities. Alignment comes before intelligence but intelligence is superior. Alignment is the foundation of higher intelligence in order for intelligence to reveal all its higher forms.

Intelligence and alignment go hand in hand but they are also opposites as well. Intelligence causes you to focus on what is and to see it as it is. Alignment causes you not to focus on what is especially when it is unwanted, or it causes you to see it in a different way. Alignment allows you to create what you want but intelligence enables you to align in ways that are truly effective and not futile.

“No amount of alignment can get you something when it is not the intelligent thing to do,” Enoch Tan says.

It is like the opposites of love and wisdom. You should only love in accordance with wisdom or that love is exasperating, useless or hurtful. Alignment that is not based on intelligence is actually misalignment. Grace, love and truth are one.

Beauty Reflects Intelligence

Intelligence always depicts that which is pleasing and desirable. If something doesn’t depict that, then it is also lacking in intelligence. This is why there is intelligence in beauty and that which is lacking beauty is lacking intelligence. Enoch beautifully illustrates his point, “Pure beauty that elicits the highest level of positive emotion are only expressed by the highest level of intelligence.” There is almost effortlessness to this kind of beauty. It exists in a state of grace. Things just seem to happen for it. There is maximum alignment.

Intelligence Defines You

Intelligence is the highest factor above all other factors and is the only important or most important one of all. Your intelligence is the only thing that defines who you are. It is the factor by which all other things about you and your life stem from. Your intelligence determines how you think, what you do and all that you create, experience and have.

Access to Infinite Intelligence

Your level of intelligence is determined by your will and your way of thinking or using the mind. There are NO LIMITS to how far or how high you can go. In actuality, all of us are manifested with the potential of infinite intelligence. Infinite intelligence is who we are fundamentally and what we can experience to the degree that we choose and think.

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