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Dallas King’s ‘Little Soldier’ Gets Red Carpet Treatment

Founder of Onyx Entertainment Dallas King showed his short film “Little Soldier” after a special red carpet presentation on Aug. 12 at the WGA Theater in Beverly Hills. King wrote, directed and produced the film that stars Gabreon Womack, Darren Schnase and Lionel Powell.


Monster coming to visit and director Dallas King at the "Little Soldier" red carpet event.

Daniel (Womack) is having a problem with wetting his bed, and his military father does not approve. Daniel is blaming the issue on the monster in his closet, but his father just sees his toys scattered around the room every morning. Daniel promises he is not responsible, so what is happening in the dark of the night?

Womack previously has appeared in the popular children show “Yo Gabba Gabba” and the Samuel L. Jackson-led film “Lakeview Terrace.” Schnase, raised in Brisbane, Australia, has been acting for several years, most recently in “You, Only Better” a movie filmed in Los Angeles.

Touted as “Toy Story” meets “Black Hawk Down,” “Little Soldier” thrilled the audience at the WGA Theater who was there to support King’s projects and the organizations that King volunteers for like the Los Angeles Education Project (LAEP) and Hispanic Scholarship Foundation (HSF). Also, King spends time with “Big Kids Care” in collaboration with ARC Talent Management and SBC P.R.I.M.E.

Before the screening of “Little Soldier,” King allowed audiences a sneak peek at a trailer for his current project, “Tattoo.” This movie, written by King, examines the gritty life of a gang warlord with the tagline, “love dies, but ink is forever.”

The red carpet event and after party at Los Angeles venue Life was sponsored by several companies: Karma Tequila, Soul Cups cupcakes, Road Rage Jewelery, GUS, Mayson’s and FUZE.

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Photos by Lyn Watanabe.

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