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The 64th Annual Tony Awards®” Official Talent Gift Lounge by On 3 Productions, benefited Broadway Green Alliance

A leader in celebrity gifting, On 3 Productions produced the Official Talent Gift Lounge backstage at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday, June 13th for the 64th Annual Antoinette Perry “Tony” Awards®. But this was definitely not your ordinary gift lounge. In the name of each luminary to the Lounge, LG Electronics USA has pledged to donate an ultra energy efficient washer and dryer to a Broadway theater.

LG, in cooperation with Broadway Green Alliance (BG), will drastically reduce energy and water usage for years to come by outfitting all 45 Broadway theaters with new laundry pairs, among the most energy efficient washers on the market.

The stars that stopped by that helped this cause included: Host, Sean Hayes, and others who took the stage throughout the evening, including Tony Award winners Scarlett Johansson and Viola Davis, Paula Abdul, Antonio Banderas, Justin Bartha, Laura Bell Bundy, Laura Benanti, Patrick Breen, Michael Cerveris, Kristin Chenoweth, Brian d’Arcy James, Green Day, Rosemary Harris, Patrick Heusinger, Gregory Jbara, Nathan Lane, Laura Linney, Constantine Maroulis, Ricky Martin, Jan Maxwell, Anthony LaPaglia, Lea Michele, Helen Mirren, Alfred Molina, Matthew Morrison, Bebe Neuwirth, Chris Noth, Karen Olivo, Bernadette Peters, David Hyde Pierce, Daniel Radcliff, Eddie Redmayne, Mark Sanchez, Tony Shalhoub, Stanley Tucci, and Raquel Welch.

Sound Bytes from the Stars and What They got Gifted!

LG ELECTRONICS Energy Efficient Direct Drive Front-Load Washer & Dryer

Recently new Tony winners Scarlett Johansson and Viola Davis were just some of the stars who stopped by, clutching their newly awarded Tony’s. Along with other celebrities they talked about how they hope to assist Broadway in going “green”, but also “aired their dirty laundry” on what they do to go green.  Some of the stars shared interesting sound bites we decided to share.

When asked “Whose dirty laundry would you most like to wash?” Paula Abdul replied Simon Cowell, while Sean Hayes said President George W. Bush! The popular band Green Day revealed that band member Tre Cool has the dirtiest laundry in the band and Justin Bartha said that on the set of “The Hangover” Zach Galifianakis definitely had his own title of ‘dirtiest laundry’. Matthew Morrison, star of the incredibly popular TV show Glee, said that he drives a Prius to go green and help the environment. Even a Broadway veteran like David Hyde Pierce admitted that the socks he had could use a spin in the LG washer & dryer because they were so dirty. Sharing that he does his part by recycling, New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez also informed us that the news of him dating actress Jamie Lynn Sigler is actually “old news!” And the always lovely Helen Mirren said that she goes green by keeping a compost pile at her home in England.

The LG Direct Drive Washer is one of the most energy-efficient front-loaders on the market.  Energy saving features such as 6Motion(TM) and ColdWash(TM) technologies provide the cleaning performance of warm water, with the energy savings of cold water, using up to 51 percent less energy and 40 percent less water than conventional top-load machines.  LG.  Life’s Good. 

Columbia Crest Wine

Wine Spectator’s 2009 pick for the #1 wine in the world, Columbia Crest, was used as stars toasted the best of Broadway with a special commemorative bottle. Taking a sip during rehearsals, Glee star Matthew Morrison said “I’m ready for some vino – can I take this now?” Another Glee star, Lea Michelle, snuck-up on Paula Abdul while Abdul was sampling Columbia Crest wine – sharing a giggle together, the two who had never met before seemed to hit it off instantly. Sex and the City’s Chris “Mr. Big” Noth and Antonio Banderas – who shared that he has his own winery in Spain – stopped by a few times for a toast with Columbia Crest wine during the show. Showing onlookers how to quickly & easily uncork a bottle of wine, Rock of Ages star Constantine Maroulis, was met with cheers and applause for his demonstration. Sean Hayes, the Tony’s host and Promises, Promises star, even asked if he could take his bottle with him to his dressing room he loved the special blend from Columbia Crest wine so much. The Addams Family star Bebe Neuwirth – whose husband is a wine maker – already has a special love of wine.

Columbia Crest Commemorative Bottle of Wine, Set of Reidel Glasses, One-Year Membership to the Summit Reserve Wine Club and a Private Winery Tour:  Columbia Crest, Wine Spectator’s 2009 pick for the #1 wine in the world, toasts the best of Broadway with this special commemorative bottle of wine, and invites talent to explore its unique and classic Washington state wines through the Columbia Crest Summit Reserve Club, where each quarter they will receive limited release selections, including unique small lot wines crafted exclusively for club members, winemaker notes and recipes.

Crunch 1-Year Gym Membership & Private Training Session or Private Class for up to 8 Guests

Tony stars slipped on a pair of boxing gloves for fun (no one got hurt!) they were so excited to receive their annual membership to Crunch. “I love these boxing gloves – I’m envisioning punching someone right now!” said Kristin Chenoweth, Promises, Promises star. But Mark Sanchez, quarterback for the New York Jets, said “I don’t want to hurt anyone!” choosing not to slip on the gloves. Sharing that she lives near the Lafayette Street location, Oscar-winner Helen Mirren said that she plans to take a Yoga class there soon. Because she’s wanted to take the Anti-Gravity class, Paula Abdul shared that she would love to set-up a private class soon. She also said that she’d like a set of Crunch boxing gloves to keep under her desk to punch Simon!

Crunch Gym is a health club that leads the industry in fusing fitness and entertainment.  They’ve made it their mission to make working out a good time.

Starbucks  new coffee-free inspired flavors including Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, Signature Hot Chocolate and Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino

 “The Hangover” star Justin Bartha sampled the new coffee-free Starbucks Ice Cream Vanilla Bean Frappuccino flavor and shared some scoop on the upcoming follow-up to The Hangover.  He revealed that his character will be married in the sequel but wouldn’t share where it takes place – but he did confirm it would not be Vegas! Broadway baby and Promises, Promises star Kristin Chenoweth shared her love of Starbucks, “I eat Starbucks for breakfast, lunch and dinner and now with these new ice cream flavors…dessert!!” New York Jets football star Mark Sanchez enjoyed some Starbuck Ice Cream’s Strawberries & Cream Frappucino flavor and shared some “scoop” on his relationship with actress Jamie Lynn Siegler. Sanchez said “the media attention doesn’t bother them – Jamie Lynn is a terrific NYC tour-guide – she knows all the best restaurants!” Seasoned Broadway actors Stanley Tucci and Anthony Lapaglia shared with onlookers that they’ve been friends for a long time and that they will “always have each other’s backs!” as they hung out together and sampled Starbucks Ice Cream’s Vanilla Bean Frappucino flavor.

Starbucks Ice Cream “What Flavor Are You?” Gift Collection featuring vouchers for complimentary Starbucks ice cream, an iPod Shuffle with a suggested play list based on flavor sampling preference along with a fun personality profile and a classic Zeroll ice cream scooper:  Stars got the scoop on what their favorite ice cream flavor says about their personalities based on their choice of Starbucks ice cream’s new coffee-free inspired flavors including Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, Signature Hot Chocolate and Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino.

Lisa Chiccine Hair Care Collection and $500 Gift Certificate to the Lisa Chiccine Salon

New York Jets star Mark Sanchez is getting ready for a new look, but don’t worry Jets fans, he’s not getting a new jersey, he’s simply changing his hair style. The football star and former rookie quarterback booked himself a one-on-one haircut with Lisa Chiccine at her exclusive single-chair salon in NYC. Sanchez plans on heading over for his cut at the end of summer training. Before hitting the stage during rehearsals Promises, Promises star Kristin Chenoweth received a quick touch-up from Lisa Chicchin with Lisa’s new hairspray, part of the new product line that launches next week. Currently touring with her new country album, Laura Bell Bundy of Legally Blonde fame was given a travel case with mini sizes of the whole Lisa Chiccine hair collection from Lisa since she’s always on the road. And it was a reunion of sort for Lisa and Paula Abdul since Lisa used to blow out Paula’s hair when she was in New York City before starting her own hair care line and salon – catching up with their old friend, the girls laughed and smiled throughout the night.

The Lisa Chiccine Collection lets men and women with any hair type and texture create healthy, shiny, salon-fabulous styles at home.  Botanically enriched and safe for color treated hair.  The collection’s stylish bottles are biodegradable. Stars will also enjoy one-on-one attention from New York’s premier hairstylist and colorist at The Lisa Chiccine Salon in NYC, a private, single-chair beauty hideaway.

VERA BRADLEY Very Berry Paisley Miller and Spring 2010 Accessories

While stars chose their newest colorful Vera Bradley accessories – they were asked some fun questions about how they can “Be Colorful”!  Here are some fun responses: Justin Bartha’s favorite color is blue and supports the charity Art of Elysium…Stanley Tucci loves the color orange and supports the Food Bank of New York…David Hyde Pierce loves white orchids and supports the Alzheimers Association…The color blue reminds Laura Bell Bundy of the University of Kentucky Wildcats!..Promises, Promises stars Sean Hayes shared the color of his first car – rust!

Stars were among the first to receive Vera Bradley Very Berry Paisley Miller and Spring 2010 Accessories, an all-time travel favorite in a new color that won’t hit stores until July! Perfect for holding all the goodies the stars scoop up in the Gift Lounge, this tote proves you can take it all with you (and stay organized). Vera Bradley will also help stars explore the many ways they can “Be Colorful”!

NESPRESSO® CitiZ Range, featuring the sleek and slim CitiZ and CitiZ & Milk Single Serve Espresso Machines

Just like everyone else, the stars love their coffee – especially Nespresso style!  David Hyde Pierce drinks coffee from a Nespresso machine in his hotel at Athenaeum in London, where he’s been living for the past few months. Helen Mirren, who has a machine in her house in London, admits to being a huge Nespresso fan already. Sharing that she drinks 3 cups of coffee a day, Promises, Promises star Kristin Chenoweth snagged a pink Nespresso Rosabaya de Columbia Grands Crus because it matched her pink kitchen. She expressed her feelings by saying that she’s “so excited to have a machine at home.” Actor and “The Hangover” star Justin Bartha even mentioned that he had just bought a Nespresso machine as a gift. Green Day band member Mike Druit said “This is hot, it’s going right into my beach house” as he picked out his white CitiZ Nespresso machine.

NESPRESSO® CitiZ Range, featuring the sleek and slim CitiZ and CitiZ & Milk Single Serve Espresso Machines:  Nespresso, the worldwide pioneer in premium portioned coffee. Stars chose the color and functions that best completes their coffee experience.

Sarah Chloe Jewelry

The stars were surprised with custom pieces from Sarah Chloe, who is known for her personalized take on jewelry. A gold interlocking “LM” necklace was presented to Glee star Lea Michelle and she declared “I love it, it’s perfect” with a huge gleeful smile on her face. “Do I really get to keep it?” she asked before leaving the Gift Lounge wearing her new bling. Oscar winner Helen Mirren loved the engraved “H” signet ring, although she admitted she was not a jewelry person, and even slipped it on and wore it out. Known for her own jewelry designs Paula Abdul picked out a whole selection of matte yellow bangles and “zen” style diamond ring. Flipping for Sarah Chloe’s collection, she wore it all out saying “Everything is so me – these are all so me!” Scarlett Johansson didn’t just leave with a Tony Award – the “View from the Bridge” winner was gifted a personalized gold necklace with charms. “This is so sweet and adorable and very cool!” she said as she clutched both her Tony and the necklace featuring both her name and her husband Ryan Reynolds’ name.

Sarah Chloe Jewelry incorporates both personalized and fashion elements into their classically beautiful collections for women and men. Versatile and timeless, these pieces can be worn by everyone.

ULTIMATE EARS BY LOGITECH Custom Molded In-Ear Monitors

Mark Sanchez, last year’s star rookie quarterback for the New York Jets, was being fitted for his own custom Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors. And Promises, Promises star Kristin Chenoweth stopped by to tell him how hot he was.  (And no, Jamie Lynn Siegler was nowhere around!) Paula Abdul donated her first pair of Ultimate Ears to a young musician who couldn’t afford them. She wouldn’t say who – but she did sit to have a new pair custom-molded for herself. Glee star Matthew Morrison was looking forward to using his new Ultimate Ears while listening to his iPod on and off the set and when looking as the mold, he remarked “Wow I have beautiful ears!”

Ultimate Ears By Logitech – How music was meant to be heard!


Tony stars kept their breath minty fresh with Altoids SMALLS Mints throughout rehearsals and the show!  Here’s some fun stuff we heard: When asked what is the answer to a happy relationship Daniel Radcliffe  aughed and said as he was walking out “if I knew that at twenty I would have nothing left to do with my life.”  When asked how he prepares for a game New York Jets Mark Sanchez said “I brush my teeth before every game, maybe that’s weird. Maybe I should switch to Altoids.”  On how he keeps his voice in tip top shape, Glee star Mathew Morrison shared “I take a mint or cough drop and keep it in the side of my cheek and I chew it up to keep my mouth moist when I perform.”  Rock of Ages star Constantine Maroulis shared “I love Altoids because after you are done you can put cool stuff in the tins,” “I pop one of these, every single time I hit the stage.”  Promises, Promises star Sean Hayes revealed as he grabbed an Altoids tin of each flavor!

ALTOIDS Small Mints: Tiny sugar-free breath mints available in three flavors — Peppermint, Wintergreen &

The Tony Awards

Marking 64 years of excellence on Broadway, The Tony Awards were broadcast live from Radio City Music Hall on CBS, Sunday, June 13th from 8:00-11:00PM (ET/PT time delay). The 2010 Tony Awards were presented by The Broadway League and the American Theatre Wing. 

On 3 Productions, the leader in celebrity gifting, On 3 produces the most buzzed-about Gift Lounges backstage at entertainment’s most prestigious events.

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