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The Darlings Shine on the South Bay

 'The Darlings' Buddy Harris (vocals and guitar), Josh Kearney (guitar), Chris Kranes (bass) and Shaun Singer (drums).The Darlings rock band of the South Bay section of Los Angeles has released a high- powered six song EP that will no doubt get them some serious attention. Los Angeles has long been the rock capital of the world and it seems the nucleus of another great band has formed in the South Bay beach area. Simply called ‘The Darlings’, this action packed band consists of Buddy Harris (vocals and guitar), Josh Kearney (guitar), Chris Kranes (bass) and Shaun Singer (drums). With influence of such great bands like Pennywise, Social Distortion and the Circle Jerks, The Darlings add their own brand of anabolic energy that truly has the key to success.

The two key ingredients to a successful band are the appeal to both the male and female listener and the ability to create such a compelling sound each listener reaches for the volume control to turn it up. The Darlings have sufficed both. The energy from each song is as good as the Rolling Stones, Green Day or AC/DC. The musicianship is superb and the song writing excellent. Just as Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones seems to ignite each song with a massive spark, The Darlings have also mastered this technique by jump starting each song like they are performing in front of one hundred thousand people. Just one listen to the two hottest tracks on this EP, "It’s Gone" and "Dead Light" and you will see what I mean.

The Darlings 

The rhythm section of Chris Kranes on bass and Shaun Singer on drums is as good as you can get. The two playing together sound like twenty year veterans the way they hold each song in place creating an air-tight sound. Shaun Singer plays drums with such perfection a drum machine could not be that accurate. He is one of the few drummers I have heard of this modern genre of rock that actually makes his symbols sound as good as his skin attack. Chris Kranes on bass plays with such veracity he could easily play a bass lead on a song and get away with it. Kranes sense of rhythm seems to create a groove that is necessary for a successful rock band with a hint of punk and indie in it. The brilliant guitar work of Josh Kearney and Buddy Harris complete this rock puzzle as they also sound like they have played together for over twenty years.

The Darlings live shot 

With an underlying grunge groove they have maintained a unique blending of rhythm and lead that makes this band positively different. Both Josh Kearney and Buddy Harris play with such confidence the end result of every song leaves you asking for more. The lead vocals from Buddy Harris are as good as you will find anywhere. The shared song writing of this band adds to a sense of camaraderie that seems to be missing in most up-and-coming bands.

'The Darlings' Buddy Harris (vocals and guitar), Josh Kearney (guitar), Chris Kranes (bass) and Shaun Singer (drums). 

The Darlings have opened for such rock giants like Pennywise, Social Distortion, Guttermouth, Youth Brigade, Ignite, Metal Skool and the Circle Jerks. The Darlings have also won the ‘battle of the bands’ contest sponsored by the prestigious AMI Productions. With the modern do-it-yourself way of self promotion, The Darlings have launched a successful page as well as developed a huge local following. With their heavyweight manager Josh Shreebs behind them, they are destined for stardom.

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