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Lindsay MacFarland Lives Life on the Edge as a Hollywood Stuntwoman

Lindsay MacFarland headshotLindsay MacFarland is a professional stuntwoman in Hollywood who enjoys recapping memories such as the time when she was buried alive in the California desert. "It was challenging but a lot of fun," MacFarland says about an experience that would be terrifying for most people. "Being a stunt double in Hollywood has taken me into intense roles that are physically and mentally demanding," explains MacFarland.

MacFarland began her career as a stunt double by chance. She says, "I had a role in the film ”A Lot Like Love” (2005), opposite Ashton Kutcher. In the middle of the shoot the director came over and asked me if I could run into a glass door as Amanda Peet’s stunt double. Like any Hollywood up and comer I said yes!" Since then, MacFarland has booked many stunt double roles, including precision driving for Nissan, Saturn, Mazda and Chrysler as well as when she was buried alive as Ana Claudia Talancón’s stunt double in ”The Virgin of Juarez” (2006).

MacFarland began her career in front of the camera in Las Vegas. In 2000 she landed a role as a spokesperson for Cadillac, and another role as the host for the television show "Totally Band in Vegas". Looking for more demanding roles MacFarland made the move to Los Angeles. She immediately landed the leading role in the independent film "Camden" (2001), which became the Official Selection at the California Independent Film Festival.

Lindsay MacFarland on setWhile enjoying the physical demands of stunt work, MacFarland says she is equally thrilled to play characters that she must tap into on an emotional level. MacFarland says, "As an actress I have played anyone from a dying cancer patient to an abused wife from the girl next door to a Navajo Indian. Moving to Los Angeles was the best decision for my career. I wanted a challenge and to build my repertoire of characters."

Along with being an actress and stuntwoman MacFarland also works as a professional hand model. She was Hilary Swank’s hand double for the film ”Freedom Writers” (2007). For this role she learned to write left handed to emulate Swank’s actions. She has also hand modeled for commercials including Baby Einstein, WalMart, and the Food Network. MacFarland remains busy in Los Angeles and she explains, "I play so many diverse roles and yet I have found a balance between the physical and emotional elements to capture a character. As long as I remain flexible I will continue to be satisfied."

MacFarland is currently working on a lead acting role in a film for the 168 Film Festival. She is playing a photojournalist trying to take her life back after spending time in Afghanistan and witnessing the horrific events unraveling over there.

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