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Alan Corey’s A Millionaire and You Can Be Too

He’s tall, has been compared to Scooby-Doo’s “Shaggy” more than once and he’s got a million-dollar smile. Literally. No, he’s not the newest movie star, nor a recent American Idol winner. But, he has been a reality TV show fixture – more than once. He’s entrepreneur/author Alan Corey

A group of friends and supporters filled the aisles of West Hollywood’s Book Soup to hear self-made millionaire-turned-author Alan Corey speak about his first book "A Million Bucks by 30".

The book, published by Ballantine Books, follows his life and finances from age 23 to 29. The writing begins when he just finished college and moved from Georgia to New York to start his entry-level career. An ordinary guy with an extraordinary goal.  To become worth over $1,000,000 by 30 years of age.  A meager salary, two houses and many smart decisions later, he achieved his goal.

In good company
What made the night even more special was revealed over drinks later at nearby hotspot Red Rock. While Corey is now wealthy and quickly gaining national celebrity status, he still remains close with old friends. Several of his high school buddies arrived to show support. They tell stories of Corey’s family and high school years. It seems the former-aspiring comedian always found a way to let his personality show.

It’s clear Corey doesn’t take a moment of this for granted. He’s quick to make a self-deprecating joke and doesn’t mind giving free advice whenever asked. He’s learned success through taking educated risks, learning from his own mistakes and enjoys giving back whenever possible.

Ordinary yet extraordinary

His friends spoke about Corey’s unique ability to stand out just by being himself. Corey repeats over and over that he’s just a regular guy. But it’s clear that he’s not. Corey has strong determination and unwavering discipline. Yes, anyone can realistically achieve what he’s done. However, most may not. Could you live on $60 spending money per week? Can your dinners consist of only cheap drinks and dollar noodles? Could you stay on budget and never over-spend, or even continue to shrink your budget to save more money? Now can you do all of these things for years while living in New York City?

Even more, Corey made a game out of getting extra income. Night work, side jobs, any wacky gig he could find. Corey’s been in costume, participated in product-testing and for a while practically co-starred on the cable channel Bravo. He appeared on both Mark Burnett/Rocco DiSpirito’s “The Restaurant” and had the Fab 5 dress him and re-decorate his home for free on “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”.
Alan Corey’s Book

The book, much like the author, delivers an affable, fun and charismatic time. Your average slow reader can get through it in a weekend. And you’re going to walk away with at least a handful of great tips. Probably more. The best part is every single step is spelled out for the beginning entrepreneur. Or even just a casual spend thrift. Your mom will be proud.

The book follows his journey with step-by-step guidance and explanations. He slowly and methodically overcomes a “crap job, stingy parents, and a useless degree”, as he puts it. Most chapters even come with spending (or maybe non-spending) hints called “Extreme cheapskate strategy”. The back pages contain a glossary where he uses “regular guy” speak to explain some finance terms and how to use them in your life.

Corey’s future is bright

Currently Corey is discussing a TV and movie deal. He’s still looking for more real estate and admits he’d love to have a home in Los Angeles. The millionaire-author sits next to his beautiful fiancée Sadia and his smile is transparent. All his hard work is paying off and he’s loving the journey.

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