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Christmas Gift Ideas For New Parents

Buying a friend or relative’s baby a Christmas gift is really like giving it to the infant’s parent. Since babies don’t know they’re getting presents anyway, you might as well get them something that makes their parents’ life a little easier. Below is a list of gift ideas for babies that are sure to please the true recipient – their parents.

MoboleezMoboleez Breastfeeding Hats

A fun, playful way to cover up while breastfeeding, Moboleez has created a large brimmed hat that’s large enough to hide everything so you’re not embarrassed to feed your baby in public.  With funny sayings and cute illustrations, these hats will fit in at parties, restaurants or any other public place you find yourself when your baby gets hungry.  Coming in soft baby colors, Moboleez hats are made of an all-natural blend of cotton and eco-friendly bamboo fibers. The hats are designed so they fit sideways on the baby’s head and are sure to stay put.  www.moboleez.com

Happy Heiny's Pocket DiapersHappy Heiny’s Pocket Diapers

Reusable cloth diapers, Happy Heiny’s are eco-friendly, colorful and definitely make a statement.  Produced solely by work-from-home moms in the U.S, these diapers fit snuggly and comfortably with the Aplix brand hook and eye closures.  Popular among celebrities such as Marcia Cross and Jaime Pressly, Happy Heiny’s reusable diapers are as easy to use as disposable ones and are a hip, natural way to diaper your baby. www.happyheinys.com DaBib


Infants are messy, but with DaBib, cleaning up after them doesn’t have to be a chore. Creator Shea Kelly came up with the patent pending Scrunch Collar to prevent spills from dripping under the bib and onto the child’s clothes.  With a hide-away pouch, DaBib minimizes messes as it catches crumbs and drips.  They fit babies of all sizes, are shrink-resistant, machine washable and extremely durable. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and virtually lead-free, DaBib allows for less cleanup time and more playtime. www.dabib.comBebe au Lait

Bebe auLait

Another great way to cover up while nursing in public, Bebe au Lait uses beautiful fabrics that contain a rigid neckline to ensure some privacy.  Heralded by Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View, Bebe au Lait cover-ups were created by Claire and Ronnie Eklund and can be purchased at select Nordstrom locations. www.bebeaulait.com


As thousands of people are severely injured every year from scalding tap water, American Valve has created HotStop. When hot water reaches unsafe temperatures, HotStop will quickly reduce the water flow to a trickle in order to avoid scalding.  Once the water in the line cools, the flow will re-start automatically in less than 30 seconds.  A great way to protect your child of any age from dangerously hot water in the tub, parents can easily install these faucets and showerheads in their bathrooms. Safe and affordable, Hot2oStop is available at Lowe’s.  www.americanvalve.com

Secure2Me BlanketsSecure2Me Blankets

Invented by a registered nurse and mother of three, Secure2Me Blankets are cozy, posh and useful. Containing corner clips that keep the blanket on your baby and off the ground, these blankets attach to strollers, keeping your baby warm. Coming in ultra-soft pink swirl, with delicate satin embroidered flowers and gorgeous cloud-blue cozy chenille, Secure2Me makes sure your baby is cozy and comfy all while looking good. www.secure2me.com


The SwaddleKeeper was invented in an effort to provide a safe way to swaddle your baby. Velcro fasteners are attached to the wrap to keep the blanket in place. In addition, a padded head support made from organic cotton batting is included to safely and comfortably cradle your baby’s head and neck, assisting in keeping your baby in the “back to sleep” position. Babies are still able to stretch their legs and kick to their heart’s content with the practical V-shaped opening. Available in bright cottons, soft cotton flannels and plush bubble fleece fabrics, the SwaddleKeeper is machine washable with no removable parts. www.swaddlekeeper.com

Baby Bling BinkieBaby Bling Binkie

Mommy’s Starlet has created the perfect rhinestone pacifiers for babies that are as safe as they are sparkly. The Swarovski crystal rhinestones are covered in a clear safety cap to ensure the safety of your baby while protecting him/her from swallowing or sucking on any crystals. The cap also enables parents to boil the pacifiers without the risk of damaging them.  These pacifiers for fashionistas in training are available in a crown, duck, angel, flower, butterfly, baseball or basketball style. www.itzybitzyglitzy.com
Moby WrapMoby Wrap

For the fashionable new moms on your list comes Moby Wrap, a stylish, sleek and comfortable wrap they can carry their babies around in. By utilizing a wide piece of fabric that wraps over both shoulders and ties at the waist, the Moby Wrap spreads the weight of one’s baby over the entire back and shoulders.  The Moby Wrap is easy to wear as there are no buckles, snaps, or fasteners involved.  And the best part is there isn’t a lot of extra material or bulky padding between mother and child so babies will benefit from the  comfort and warmth of their mother’s body.  Give your friends the handy and fashionable baby carrier celebrities Sheryl Crow and Brooke Shields use for their own children. www.mobywrap.com

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