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Actor Kyle Davis: The Unexpected Road to Hollywood

Kyle DavisActor Kyle Davis had a lifelong dream since he was a young kid. Ironically, however, it wasn’t acting. “Honestly I never even thought about acting when I was younger,” said Kyle in a phone interview I had with him. “My cousin was an actor and I just thought it was all kind of silly and fake.” Instead, Davis had dreamed of being a professional skateboarder, a vision crushed when he tore his ACL in an accident. It was then, near the age of twenty, when Kyle took his first step into the Hollywood life. “My cousin was just like ‘hey give it a shot, you never know.’ And I guess I just fell in love with it.” Davis quickly jumped into the commercial scene and now has over fifty commercials to his credit. Alongside commercials, Davis dove into television, guest starring in several prime time shows over the last few years including “CSI” “Monk” “Cold Case” and “The Shield.” Davis’s success has rapidly grown in the film industry in the last couple of years. Surprisingly to most casting directors, Davis has never received any professional training. He was against using an acting coach and determined to teach himself. Kyle used a video camera and answering machine to help perfect his acting skills. His affable and engaging personality, alongside natural talent has won him several great roles. This year alone he has filmed “The Hitcher” along side One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush, upcoming horror film “Resurrection Mary,” “Kiss the Bride” starring Tori Spelling, and has a Steven Soderbergh television show in the works. While talking to Kyle Davis over the phone he gushes over some new roles he is taking on, “Currently I am on the set FX’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, which I am a huge fan of. I think it is hilarious and Danny Devito is just awesome.” Davis is making a guest


appearance in which he plays a white rapper, a part in which he feels he was meant to play. “I like playing the funny roles with lots of personality. They always lead to such developed characters and that is what I do, I am a character actor.” While Davis’s road to Hollywood wasn’t paved with thousands of dollars in acting classes or years and years of nonsense parts that led nowhere, it did still have its drawbacks. “Cracking into the scene was tough. I had to work really hard to get that SAG card. A lot of people think you just do your first commercial and you just get one [SAG Card]. It’s just not like that.” Davis has indeed done his share of fighting his way up the ladder from networking through a talent agency and struggling to get a well-connected agent. As Davis’s acting career is flourishing with several future films and television guest appearances, he still dreams of his future in the film industry. “One day I would like to own my own production company, I would like to be able to pick and choose what films I want to be involved with and want my name associated with.” He would like to choose films for good, high-quality writing and not necessarily how well they will do at the box office; an admirable goal for a fresh face in Hollywood. In the mean time as Davis is winning roles all over, he tries to find time to play poker, enjoy the outdoors, and follow his sports teams. “I am a huge sports fan,” said Davis as he lists off the L.A. Dodgers, Lakers and Green Bay Packers as his favorites. Still, it doesn’t sound like too far from now when instead of being the fan, Kyle Davis will be finding his own set of fans and admirers.

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