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Heal Breast Cancer Foundation to Host Award Ceremony

The understanding of breast cancer has undoubtedly increased since the last decades of the 20th Century; however, few radically new therapies have been discovered. In spite of the billions of dollars donated to dedicated research, a cure remains concealed. Today, many individuals seek less conservative or traditional means of fighting cancer in foundations such as HBCF, Heal Breast Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization striving to increase public awareness of natural healing mechanisms predicated on a biopyschosocial model of integrative medicine. “Biopyschosocial”, perhaps, reeks of high-falutin medical jargon, but, really, it embodies a holistic understanding of the balanced unity of mind, body, and community.

Heal Breast Cancer Foundation

On February 22, 2007 Heal Breast Cancer Foundation will host its awards banquet at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills. To show respect to individuals, businesses, and institutions playing a major role in breast cancer treatment methods, HBCF will honor innovators with lifetime achievement awards as well as individuals impacting society by means of shifting global consciousness toward more integrative concepts of individual and global health. Some honorees include: Eckhart Tolle (author of The Power of Now), Dr. Dean Ornish (director Preventive Medicine Research Institute), Dr. Christiane Northrup (author of Woman’s Health, Woman’s Wisdom), Dr. O. Carl Simonton (Simonton Center in Malibu), Susan Ryan (author of The Immune Spirit), and William Arntz (director of What the Bleep).

Esteemed Spiritual Artist, Paul Heussentamm, will provide each honoree with their very own painting depicting aspects of their personality and taste. In addition, a constellation of celebrities associated with the Foundation will show their respect. Among them: Ben Stiller, Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Kingsley, Geena Davis, and Rosie O’Donnell. The festivities begin at 6:30 with a pre-event VIP cocktail reception followed by the Awards & Gala at approximately 7:30. Individual tickets are $500 dollars each and can be purchased online at All proceeds from the event will benefit HBCF.

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