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How Easy is it To Manifest What You Want?

Part 6 in Alanna Levenson’s “Nested Looped Metaphor” style column: Asked a friend of mine, Jessica, who was working on the subject of financial abundance, a topic that seems to be prevalent due to the economy conversation right now. We chatted about how we all have belief systems about money as well as a relationship […]

Saying No is Really Saying Yes

Recently I was talking to a mom who was expressing some of her frustrations as a parent of two teenagers. Although she mostly plays the role of mom, she also plays the role of chauffeur and taxi driver. Since it’s summertime and her kids are out of school for a few months, she wants to […]

Possibilities in the Form of Help

I was sitting in my office with my client Noah, him sharing with me all the things that are causing him a great amount of stress these days. His is another powerful situation of personal reinvention that seems to playing out to wide audiences like the sound waves so easily heard at the Hollywood Bowl. […]

The Power of the Moment and the Power in You

As an NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, one of my favorite tools to utilize with a client is a metaphor. Up to this point, I know you have heard metaphors in a few different forms to include an analogy, a story, as well as the ever engaging joke. No matter their length or intention, we […]

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