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Finding the Good in Tragedy: “Father, You Sinned” Premiere

Aimee Galicia Torres is on a mission to let the world know: Sexual abuse still exists in the Catholic Church. At age 21, Torres has already written and directed her big-screen debut: the semi-autobiographical short film, "Father, You Sinned". The world premiere of the film was held Thursday night at the AMC theatre at Universal […]

Celebrities, Swag and the Taxman: Timing is Everything

In light of all we?ve been reading AND hearing about lately – concerning celebrities and their Swag ? along comes a company that seems to have perfect timing, Swag Is Good. Swag Is Good, which will officially make its launch in October 2006, is an exclusive matchmaking service for merchants and celebrities. It is also […]

The Mind, Body, Spirit Center: Healing the Whole Person

Today’s biggest medical breakthroughs have as much to do with looking to the future as they do with learning from the past – often simultaneously. Pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs and vaccines, sometimes by harnessing the power of ancient herbs and substances. Geneticists employ cutting-edge technology to decode the primal and long-buried secrets contained within […] Forges Social Network Sorority

It?s no surprise 40 is the new 30, given the fierce fabulousness of many women born in the sixties and seventies. Despite looking good, however, unique but common emotional and physical challenges still face women in this life stage. A new social networking website, poised to be a destination for women of a certain age, […]

Get Your Kicks…On Route 66!

For classic car enthusiasts, exciting events are few and far between. The yearly conventions provide adequite entertainment, though for the most part, the conventions showcase many of the same antique vehicles and after awhile, more is needed to fulfill a true car fan’s insatiable hunger for the past. The more wealthy car collectors spend hundreds […]

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