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Sprint’s Brand New 4G LTE Experience With Truly Unlimited Plans

Customers in Los Angeles are now benefiting from Sprint’s brand new 4G (Fourth Generation) LTE (Long Term Evolution) experience and is absolutely the only truly unlimited 4G LTE with national, no contract plans from a carrier starting at $79.99/month (excluding taxes and fees) for Sprint’s Everything Data plan with Any Mobile, Anytime, which includes unlimited Web, […]

SONY’s “Bloggie” Touch- the Next Evolution of Pocket HD Video Cameras

An LA’s The Place Top Pick for 2010! SONY has done it again, this time utilizing all of their cutting-edge, innovative technologies and applied them to the next generation of  personal pocket videocameras. SONY electronics has released the SONY Bloggie, a high-definition touch camera, capable of shooting beautiful high-quality HD footage and  photos…at the same time! […]

Earloomz Brings Superior Technology and High Style to Bluetooth Earpieces

An LA’s The Place Top Pick for 2010! Bluetooth earpieces have become a necessity – many states have already implemented wireless communication laws. Whether you use them just for driving, or for multitasking and constant communication, Earloomz combine advanced Bluetooth technology, superior comfort, functionality, and pop culture images and artwork to allows you to express your style […]

Carry Important Medical Information and Documents in A Very Special Heart

In the case of a medical emergency or some unfortunate accident, you may become unable to speak for yourself while being tended to by EMTs and other doctors. With A Very Special Heart or A Very Special Globe, all of the talking will be done for you. What It Is A Very Special Heart is […]

Seagate Provides More Storage and Safety with FreeAgent Desk and FreeAgent Go

Seagate provides new ways to safely store and protect your music, photo and video files plus more with FreeAgent Desk and FreeAgent Go. These sleek external hard drives back up and encrypt your data so that it is always available for you. This is a brand you can depend on and trust. FreeAgent Desk The […]

NeuroSky Puts Your Mind to the Test with Mattel’s new MindFlex Game

Some say the measure of a man’s success lies in his ability to concentrate. With the technological advances of NeuroSky, this can finally be put to the test. NeuroSky is the company who has developed this amazing new application of the power of concentration for Mattel’s newest toy, the MindFlex Game.

Adobe Systems Introduces Adobe Premiere Elements 8 for Masterful Videos

Adobe Systems, makers of the bestselling video and photo editing software in North America, have now released the newest version in their line of video editing with Adobe Premiere Elements 8. It is available as a standalone product or bundled together in a single retail package with its photo counterpart, Adobe Photoshop Elements 8. The […]

Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Introduced by Adobe Systems – Genius at your Fingertips

Adobe Systems, makers of the bestselling photo and video editing software in North America, have now released the newest version in their line with Adobe Photoshop Elements 8. It is available as a standalone product or bundled together in a single retail package with its video counterpart, Adobe Premier Elements 8. The bundle successfully integrates […]

Professional Make-up Application at Home with Luminess Air

As a former model and actress, I was introduced to the airbrush makeup application process on set and absolutely adored the results of it making my skin look flawless but in the early 1990’s, it was just a special treat when you booked a job and got your make-up done by the professionals. With Luminess® […]

LAsThePlace Product Showcase is Coming Soon!

We will be bringing you an entire section of the magazine devoted to helping you find new and innovative products for all aspects of your life where you will be able to click on the category of your interest to see a display of great products, then click on the product to find out more, […]

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