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Got Acne? The No-Dairy Skin Fix

Finding flawless skin might be in the elimination of dairy from the diet. As the title of this blog implies, what you eat could really have an effect on your skin, in this case we’re addressing one of the top skin concerns: acne. Whether it’s a related to the standard adolescent rite of passage or […]

EndyMed Pro Hits Cosmetic Offices Across the Nation

High-tech Beauty We all want it: Fewer wrinkles and an overall more youthful visage. Add to that better results, less downtime and a smaller price tag, and it seems the stuff dreams are made of. Turns out, that dream might not be far off. Meet 3DEEP technology, the latest radiofrequency (RF) innovation that’s part and […]

New You Magazine asks: Liposuction vs. Tummy Tuck—what’s the difference?

Looking for a little tummy control? Whether it’s those last five pounds you can’t ever seem to lose or that leftover post-pregnancy belly, there is a solution for you. New You asked one of our resident body sculpting experts for the lowdown on the best methods for sucking it in. Dr. Cuzalina responds: Patients often […]

New You Magazine Asks: How Do You (re)enter the Gym after Breast Implant Surgery?

When it comes to breast augmentation, many variables affect the general timeline for a woman who has breast augmentation surgery to begin or continue her exercise regimen. Notably, a woman with an A cup who goes to a D cup who is in her twenties will recover faster from breast augmentation surgery than a woman […]

New You Magazine Asks: What’s the Role of the Cosmetic Surgeon on the Breast Cancer Team?

There’s no question about it: Once a positive diagnosis is made, breast cancer can consume you. The only thing on your mind may very well be just getting through the basic surgical process and looking forward to moving on to being healthy and cancer free. But, say experts, don’t overlook the role of the cosmetic […]

New You Magazine’s Editor Asks: Can Running Enhance Your Beauty?

New You Magazine’s exclusive beauty column for LA’s the Place is your invite to the behind the scenes of the cosmetic surgery realm.  This month, New You’s Executive Editor Eliza Drewa, makes a refreshing pitch for running as a way to feel good, maintain weight and have a sense of accomplishment every day. Remember the […]

New You Magazine Asks: What Is the Secret to Eternal Youth? Anti-Aging Medicine

As any cosmetic surgeon can tell you, cosmetic procedures on the surface merely reset the clock; they don’t stop aging, and they don’t stop the bad habits that contributed to your appearance of aging. They will also tell you that if you live a healthy lifestyle, not only will you look better and live longer, […]

New You Magazine Asks: Does Breast Size Matter?

Whatever you know about breasts and cup size, forget it, say the experts. “Cup size is almost arbitrary when you’re talking about implants,” says Jacob Haiavy, MD, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. “Sizes aren’t consistent between bra manufacturers—there’s no universal size measurement—so it’s important to educate patients on how to choose the […]

New You Asks: Can You Really Size Up Breasts with Stem Cells?

New You Magazine’s exclusive beauty column for LA’s the Place is your invite to the behind the scenes of the cosmetic surgery realm.  New You explores a new option for breast augmentation through stem cells and fat transfer. Whether it’s size, shape or both that has breast augmentation on your to-do list, one thing is […]

New You Magazine Asks: Is Beauty a Science?

Is Beauty a Science? It’s been said that beauty is truth, nature, all around us, in the eye of the beholder—a potpourri of poetics about beauty abounds—but, in fact, an increasingly convincing body of research suggests that the definition of beauty lays within science. Aesthetic perfection is not unique to the human form. Sunflowers, seashells, […]

New You shares the Top 5 Quick Cosmetic Fixes – Less Invasive is in demand—by Women AND their Male Counterparts!

NEW YOU, the official Magazine of Cosmetic Surgery has found that the trend in today’s economy is to have less invasive procedures, according the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) 2009 Procedural Census. From 2008 to 2009, less-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures increased by 19%. Compare that to a 3% growth for more traditional surgical cosmetic […]

New You Magazine asks, “Do Men Prefer Women with Augmented Breasts?”

A Question of Cleavage  –  Do men prefer women with augmented breasts? With breast augmentations now topping the charts for invasive cosmetic procedures, the million dollar question just might be, “Do men prefer women with augmented breasts?” “I think men prefer larger breasts, period. It’s instinctual,” says Tucson, Ariz.-based surgeon Dr. Robert Dryden, president of […]

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