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The Evolution of Online Gaming and Online Casinos

As with nearly every other aspect of our lives, the Internet has changed gambling, taking this pursuit from the hubs of Las Vegas and Atlantic City to the personal comfort of any spot with an online connection. For years, online gambling was mostly isolated to online card games and sports betting, but in certain states, […]

Tune in To New Weekly Radio Show Hosted by The Tastemakers, Matt and Mark Harris on

LA natives Mark Harris and Matt Harris have a flair for the fabulous and a passion for life. The twin brothers have always shared an affinity for the finer things in life, which led them to create their very popular and entertaining brand known as “The Tastemakers”.

New Media Ohio

When it comes to new media, the states with the largest cities are often times the ones that get the most attention. For this reason, new media Ohio has been at the forefront for quite some time. In Ohio, there are many big cities including Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. While this does not necessarily mean […]

New Media North Dakota

To understand the full extent of new media North Dakota you need to look at this trend from many sides. The most important thing to consider is the actual meaning of new media North Dakota. This is nothing more than the real time delivery of digital media which results in real time end results. While […]

New Media North Carolina

Have you taken a strong look at how new media North Carolina effects you on a day to day basis? If not, now is the time to do so. The fact of the matter is simple: new media is taking over and you can either get on board or continue to look the other way. […]

New Media New York

New media has advanced in many ways all over the United States. That being said, the state of New York is one that has been leading the charge. This should be no big surprise as New York is one of the media capitals of the world. In the past this was the case with old […]

New Media New Mexico

If you live in New Mexico you may already be totally aware of how new media is changing your life as well as the state around you. There are many details to know about new media New Mexico, and some of them are sure to be very important to you. Even those who do not […]

New Media New Jersey

With close proximity to New York, as well as a large population, New Jersey is a great place for new media. Simply put, new media New Jersey is the real time delivery of digital media. There are many types of new media including: websites and blogs, streaming video and audio, email, chat rooms, instant messenger, […]

New Media New Hampshire

New Hampshire may not be a hot bed for the media world. This does not mean that new media New Hampshire is behind, though. There used to be a day when the Yellow Pages were what every resident of the state turned to when they needed a phone number or address. In fact, you may […]

New Media Nevada

The state of Nevada and new media go together hand in hand. One of the main reasons for this is the city of Las Vegas. While there are many cities in the United States, not many of them get as much attention as Sin City. For this reason, new media Nevada has been changing and […]

New Media Nebraska

From the perspective of a Nebraska state resident, you may not see new media everyday of the week. That being said, if you keep your eyes open in your day to day life there are many ways that this affects you. Once you know more about new media Nebraska and how it has changed your […]

New Media Montana

How can new media Montana possibly be changing the state? If you have to ask yourself this question you are probably not aware of the many ways that this has already happened. Since the internet began to take off new media has followed closely behind. This is even true in a state like Montana that […]

New Media Missouri

The state of Missouri has been changed for the better by the new media revolution. This is the case for businesses, big and small, as well as individuals. If you live in the state and do not know anything about new media Missouri you have not been looking around. There are many ways to see […]

New Media Mississippi

What more can you say about new media Mississippi? This trend is taking over, and it has changed the state in many ways – all of them for the good. With new media you have the ability to receive digital media in real time. If this does not make sense, consider this example. With a […]

New Media Minnesota

Before you can fully understand how new media Minnesota has changed your life, you must first realize what this entails. A good definition of new media Minnesota is: the real time delivery of digital media which results in real time end results. More or less, you can get the news and information you want without […]

New Media Michigan

When you hear new media Michigan what does it mean to you? If you live in the state and have been affected by the new media trend it is safe to say that you know exactly what this is all about. Simply put, new media Michigan is the same as it is in other parts […]

New Media Massachusetts

With the city of Boston you can only imagine how much the media world centers around this part of the country. With this in mind, new media Massachusetts has really picked up as of late. A good definition of new media Massachusetts is: real time delivery of media which results in real time end results […]

New Media Maryland

You cannot hide from new media Maryland. With large cities, such as Baltimore, there are many ways that the new media trend has taken over. If you live in the state it is safe to say that you are aware of the ways that new media has changed things for the better. To realize what […]

New Media Maine

There are many ways that new media Maine has changed the state and the direction in which it is moving. The new media trend affects both residents and businesses on many different levels. Have you taken the time to consider how this has changed you? To start, it is good to know how new media […]

New Media Louisiana

Over the past few years, new media Louisiana has changed the state in many ways. If you live in Louisiana you are probably well aware of this. The same holds true if you are a local business owner. To understand how new media Louisiana can effect you, you must first know what it is all […]

New Media Kentucky

From the start, you must realize what new media Kentucky is all about. This is the real time delivery of digital media. There are many forms of new media Kentucky that you should become aware of. Chances are that you already dabble in a few. Some of the most common include: internet, streaming video and […]

New Media Kansas

What is it about new media Kansas that is changing the state? Is it the way that people communicate? Is it the way that people get their news? Is it the way that organizations are doing business? Believe it or not, it is all of these things plus much more. As you learn more and […]

New Media Iowa

What does new media Iowa really mean? The easiest way to explain this is the real time delivery of digital media to the end user. For example, newspapers are not real time delivery. With this type of media you are reading yesterday’s news – this is old media. In today’s day and age, new media […]

New Media Indiana

When it comes to new media Indiana there are a lot of things that should pop into your mind. This is particularly true if you live in the Hoosier state. There is a very good chance that you have already been affected by the new media revolution. New media marketing. If you are a business […]

New Media Illinois

What is new media Illinois all about and how is it changing the state for the better? This may be a question that you ask yourself if you live in the area. Believe it or not, even if you don’t know it right now, there are changes that have affected your life in many ways. […]

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