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How to Get Your MBA without Drastic Changes to Your Lifestyle

For many students wishing to earn their MBA there is a sense of excitement, but also apprehension. It can mean there will be big changes made to their lifestyle now that they will be devoting a large amount of time to their studies. This isn’t always appealing to people. If you’re thinking about or have […]

The Average Salary Outlook for School Counselors

When people think of the types of careers that come with handsome salaries, school counseling is not generally thought of. Contrary to popular belief, school counselors can make a tidy sum just by working where their services are most highly valued. Graduates of Wake Forest University with a focus on school counseling can go on […]

“Celebs Have Issues” New Original Video Series by Huffington Post Address Serious Issues

HuffPost Originals “Celebs Have Issues,” is an original video series aimed at solving the world’s problems, one comedy sketch at a time. Each week, celebrities including Kristen Bell, Drew & Jonathan Scott, Mayim Bialik, Ty Burrell and Reid Scott star in a custom sketch highlighting a cause of their choosing.

Are You Ready for a Career Change?

Los Angeles might be the hottest city on the planet, but not everyone is lucky enough to walk into the job of their dreams the moment they land at LAX. Some people do end up in their dream job, but for most of us, this process is a long, hard slog punctuated with disappointment and […]

Seven Things Celebrities Should Do When They Enter Rehab

Written By: Stan Popovich Many celebrities who go to rehab do not know what to do when they enter treatment. It can get confusing and hectic when attending rehab so it’s a good idea to know what you should do and not do. Knowing the following tips can help speed up your recovery. Stan Popovich is […]

Create the Life Your Soul Desires with Vanda

Vanda is an LA’s The Place Top Pick for 2014! Vanda has been a mainstay of the awards gifting suites, including the Emmys and Oscars, where celebrities and tastemakers have indulged in Soul Treatment collections and gift boxes. But her luxury collections are no longer exclusive to the rich and famous; they’re available to anyone who wants to […]

True Enlightenment – The Human Plane of Spirituality, by Enoch Tan

Here is another gem I’m proud to share from Enoch Tan, whom I regard as one of the brilliant minds of today, who elevates society through his brilliant works. His articles are more than enlightening, they change you for the better. And now, without  further adieu ~~ True Enlightenment – Human Plane of Spirituality by […]

One Person’s Brain Waves Can Actually Synchronize To Another Person’s Heart

From, By Enoch Tan When you exude the energy of positive emotions such as joy, serenity and enthusiasm in the presence of your friend, she will pick up your emotional vibes and shortly after, her own emotional and mental states will be entrained with yours. The word “entrain”, means to pull along after itself. When […]

Your Mind Power Controls Everything in Reality – By Enoch Tan

Lack of control is an illusion. If you are the creator, all things are under your control. Some people say that control is an illusion but the opposite is the real truth. How can you not be in control when all things are under your control? Realize the aspect of yourself that is divine, your […]

All About Success – Doc Barham, LA’s Secret Weapon of Personal Mastery and Transformation

They all know Doc Barham, Hollywood’s leading life coach – entrepreneurs, executives, artists, scholars, athletes, actors, and more; in business, entertainment, sports, medicine, and more; in Los Angeles, the United States, and around the world. His clients are leaders at Fortune 500 companies, the Oprah Winfrey Network,,, NASA, the NBA, the NFL, and […]

Develop Your Psychic Ability with Cheri Mancuso’s One-on One-Classes

Cheri Mancuso is a world-renowned psychic of twenty years who has worked with law enforcement, politicians, film directors and others in giving amazingly accurate results and insight. As a regular contributor to LA’s the Place Magazine, she’s offered spot on yearly predictions and is a co-author of the novel Coldspring. Now Cheri’s sharing her wealth of […]

How To Earn What You’re Really Worth – A Chat With Brian Tracy

by Helen M. Ryan with AJ Ogaard Earning what you’re really worth should be easy, but if you find yourself struggling to earn enough money just to ‘get by’, take advice from someone who’s been there and beyond: Brian Tracy. Tracy knows a thing or two about prosperity. From dropping out of high school and […]

Toastmasters in Hermosa Beach – Be The Star Of Your Own Life

Think of any of your favorite epic movies and you’ll find there’s probably a dramatic speech in it. The hero stands up and speaks to the public about some great war, some great injustice, or some great cause and you feel yourself moved in your seat. Toastmasters in Hermosa Beach would say that this ability […]

Toastmasters in the South Bay – Experienced Help With the Art of Public Speaking

Winston Churchill, one of history’s most famed orators, once said that the only thing harder than giving an impromptu speech was running up a wall. Too many people have assumed that because public speaking is hard that is not worth it, or worse, that it’s impossible. Toastmasters in the South Bay aim to remedy this […]

Suze Orman Discusses How to Survive the Present Financial Climate Today

LA’s The Place was invited to the OWN offices in Los Angeles to join a discussion with Suze Orman, where she discussed many aspects of the financial climate we are facing today and tips to survive it. Suze Orman has had a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network called “America’s Money Class with Suze Orman”.

Toastmasters in Redondo Beach – Learn the Power of Public Speaking

Toastmasters in Redondo Beach – There is power in the spoken word, in the ability to influence peers and raise the spirits of an entire room.  How many of us have been moved by a speaker and marveled at what we imagine is their natural confidence and talent?  Toastmasters in Redondo Beach would tell you […]

Toastmasters in Manhattan Beach – Learn the Skill of Public Speaking

Speech is the oldest form of communication, and in a world filled with fleeting fads it’s easy to assume that means that speech is the most obsolete.  Nothing could be further from the truth, according to the  Toastmasters in Manhattan Beach.  We live in an era of digital communication, where many of us conduct the […]

The Last Advice You’ll Ever Need to Keep A New Year’s Resolution

By Steve Siebold Here we go again!  January, 2012 is here and people everywhere has made their annual New Year’s resolution.  And while this yearly activity sounds good in theory, rarely do most people actually achieve their resolutions. Usually by the end of January, most people are back doing the same old thing. If you […]

Cheri Mancuso’s US and World Predictions for 2012

Cheri Mancuso, psychic to the stars, gave LA’s the Place accurate predictions for 2011. With twenty-five years of using her gift as a psychic plus her in depth knowledge of numerology, she brings us 2012 predictions for the U.S. and beyond. Written by Cheri Mancuso Welcome to my predictions for 2012! This is the first […]

Life Coach Tanya Ragbeer Helps in Life’s Most Difficult Times

Life is beautiful but there are times when it can get overwhelming and we need a little help. Life coaches or ‘transitional’ coaches can be instrumental in dealing with tough circumstances that we all face from time to time during the journey – whether that is a death of a loved one, financial stress, divorce, […]

Writer and Scientist Enoch Tan Expounds on the Importance of Intelligence and Alignment

While many speak abstractly about realizing life goals, scientist and writer Enoch Tan offers concrete interpretations of the laws of the universe and how to master them by offering a fully comprehensive and contextual analysis of knowledge and truth. Currently he addresses the importance of intelligence and alignment as paramount to self-love, fulfillment and achievement. […]

Psychic Medium Cheri Mancuso Speaks about the Art of Manifestation

In this article I am going to talk to you about the Art of Manifestation. When I speak of Manifestation, I am speaking about the act of bringing our thoughts into reality. That is to say, manifestation is the practice of bringing about desired results that began initially as a thought in our minds. For […]

Legendary Vocal Coach Arthur Samuel Joseph offering VIP Workshop July 30th in Marina Del Rey

Arthur Samuel Joseph, the legendary Vocal Coach to the most influential leaders, celebrities, sports figures, CEO’s and self help guru’s of our time, is offering this VIP workshop is perfect for any leader corporate or otherwise who is looking to change their paradigm. Whether you are a teacher, lawyer, CEO, entertainer, scholar, sales person, or […]

OC DUI Attorney – Who is The Best DUI Attorney in OC?

Been charged with Driving Under the Influence? Dealing with a DUI in OC, CA? Need to find the best DUI attorney, but don’t know where to start? DUI defense in the state of California is unique, and the penalties for driving under the influence can be harsh and can include being convicted of a felony. […]

LA’s The Place Gets the Skinny with Celebrity Personal Fitness Trainer David Farhit

We talk with our go-to fitness expert David Farhit for the inside scoop on what to look for in a personal fitness trainer. David Farhit has been a personal fitness trainer for over 25 years, and has his own private gym, Executive Personal Fitness in the Studio City area of Los Angeles, for the last […]

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