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Get Professional Floral Design Tips from Michael Gaffney with his new Book, Design Star; Book Signing at The Grove Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011

Michael Gaffney,  author of the new book, new book, Design Star, is having a book signing this Thursday October 13th at the Barnes & Noble at the Grove. Design Star brings readers into the world of the professional floral designer with secrets, tips, and a formula for great design. Step-by-step instructions on everything from Classic […]

Kathy Ireland’s Fabulous Florals has a Great Holiday Flower bulb Gift Idea.

Narcissus Paperwhites are a gorgeous flower and are one of the easiest bulbs to force for cut flowers for in the home or office from December to March. They have a pleasant, sweet fragrance. They arrive as 6 bulbs planted in a 7” wicker basket, with decorative moss on the top. They require only an […]

Affordable Wedding Flowers Delivered Fresh Nationwide

Affordable Wedding Flowers and specialty flowers can turn a traditionally beautiful occasion into a personalized masterpiece. Brides and grooms looking for a hands-on alternative to a wedding planner are now planning elaborate weddings with personalized bouquets, boutonnieres and floral arrangements they have designed themselves that communicate the personalities of the nuptials and can help set […]

Florist in El Segundo – Get Fresh Flowers from El Segundo Florist

Looking for florists in El Segundo? Discerning customers want to find the florists in El Segundo, CA with the freshest flowers, the prettiest arrangements, and the most competitive prices for all their special events. Florists in El Segundo, CA that guarantee fast, reliable delivery are especially welcome by customers who want to commemorate major milestones, […]

Fabulous Florals – Bulk Flowers, Do It Yourself Floral Design, DIY Flower Arrangements, California Flowers

Do it yourself floral design is about life, style and reclaiming the natural brilliance and beauty of any space through fresh flowers. Do it yourself floral design and DIY flower arrangements have become ways for flower enthusiasts, hobbyists and homemakers alike to experience the joy and power in the art of floral design. Finding a […]

Florists in Torrance – Fresh Flowers from Torrance Florist

Florists in Torrance come through for so many of life’s biggest milestones, such as weddings, funerals, and anniversaries. And don’t forget Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, though you should plan ahead if want to bring a gorgeous bouquet to your beloved on the busiest days of the year for a florist in Torrance. Make sure […]

Go Green with – The Web’s Top Resource For Faux and Preserved Trees and Greenery

Earthflora’s goal is this: to bring the beauty and the rejuvenating properties of plants and trees to your home or office, all without the potential allergy risks or the upkeep costs. Throw in an eco-conscious commitment, and you get a company custom-tailored to modern demands.

Kathy Ireland’s Fabulous Florals offers a Valentine’s Day Special

“Flowers are loves truest language.” – Park Benjamin Flowers are the most gifted item on Valentine’s Day. The beauty and fragrance of a flower is always a factor, but the symbolic significance of a flower to love is what accounts for its success on Valentine’s Day. The flower is in many ways like love. Its […]

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