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Give the Gift of Relaxation of Burke Williams and Receive a Gift Just for You

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him and Her Burke Williams is the epitome of luxurious day spas and has a very special offering, perfect for the holiday season. You can choose from three special Gift Card Packages that offer a luxurious selection of Burke Williams signature services at an unprecedented value. Not only that, each gift purchased include a […]

Register for Run Hard Rock Cafe’s Musical 5K/10K to Benefit My Friend’s Place

Get ready for a musical interactive run for a cause! Hard Rock’s Run Hard Rock Cafe 5K/10K, to benefit My Friend’s Place, takes to the streets of Los Angeles for the 4th year in a row, on Saturday, November 5th. In an unpresidented style, Hard Rock will blend iconic Hollywood with iconic music in a one-of-a-kind interactive experience […]

Conquer Snoring With Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner

The secret to a good nights sleep may be as simple as getting off your back. While sleeping on your back may be your preferred position, it’s not necessarily conducive to a restful night. In fact, it could be keeping you and others awake. Whether it’s snoring, an injury, or pregnancy, Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner can […]

Burke Williams Day Spa Brand New Facility in Hollywood Opens

An oasis of tranquility and rejuvenation is back in Hollywood. Burke Williams Day Spa‘s former location in West Hollywood closed earlier this year to make room for the brand’s new facility, which opened on September 12, at 925 N. La Brea Ave. While clients can expect the same commitment to relaxation and restoration they’ve come […]

Are You Ready for a Career Change?

Los Angeles might be the hottest city on the planet, but not everyone is lucky enough to walk into the job of their dreams the moment they land at LAX. Some people do end up in their dream job, but for most of us, this process is a long, hard slog punctuated with disappointment and […]

Active Edge: Wearable Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for Physical Well-being

We’re all looking to improve our quality of life. Physical well-being is imperative if you are going to be able to function at your most dynamic. We discovered a very dynamic product that is based on science and has a noticeably positive effect on the body. Active Edge products incorporate cutting-edge technology to deliver electromagnetic frequencies through wearable […]

Burke Williams Day Spas Now Offer New Ayurvedic Body Treatments

In these hectic and stressful times, it’s important to not neglect your peace of mind and well-being. Take time to counteract the pressures of the world. Burke Williams Day Spa is a sanctuary the offers everything you need to soothe and renew yourself and now has incorporated an innovative new menu of body treatments into […]

Art Naturals Essential Oils and Diffuser for Wellness of Being

Today’s society can leave you stressed out, on edge, and frazzled. The cycle of exhaustion and using stimulants like caffeine and energy drinks to feel ‘normal’, can be broken and balance can be achieved. Put down the caffeine and pick up a set of essential oils instead. Essential oils are powerful plant extracts that have therapeutic, […]

McCoy Co., Ltd. Amazing Slimming Gel Non F Monster makes American Debut in New York City

McCoy Co., Ltd. of Japan is a successful skin care company known for their advanced technological and innovative luxury skincare products that keep your face and body looking young, slim, healthy and balanced. They began as a highly-popular spa, and out of a desire to give their clients the best results, they created their landmark product, […]

Movember Foundation Hosts Event to Bring Testicular Cancer Awareness

We stopped in to the Movember Foundation headquarters in Culver City fan event to kick off Testicular Cancer Awareness Month (April) in support of the Movember Foundation, where they presented a hosted panel discussion to bring awareness to prevention and treatment of testicular cancer and discuss their mission. The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living happier, […]

Backjoy Trigger Point Massager – At-Home, Do-It-Yourself Massage

Great Christmas Gift Idea! Life is stressful and results in muscle tension. Massages are great, but most people don’t have the time or the money to spend on constant treatments. Imagine having a daily solution to your muscle aches and pains in your own home. Now you can with Backjoy Trigger Point Massager. Massage is […]

Dr. John Enayati and Century Wellness Center – A Non-Franchise Concierge Health Provider

A new era of health care is at hand. At Century Wellness Center in Century City, Dr. John Enayati offers personalized health care and medical services to patients seeking care beyond the huge corporate hospital. Century Wellness Center is known as a non-franchise concierge provider that prefers to build relationships with patients, not insurers. At […]

Core Cleanse .. Because Processed Food Does Not Do A Body Good!

Why You Need to Cleanse! In these fast-pace times we live, eating convenient processed and fast foods on-the-go has become more of a habit than we’d like. Processed, irradiated, GMOs, hydrogenated oils do not digest as well as whole natural foods. Consuming a diet of processed foods can lead to a build-up of toxins in […]

Ensure Great Digestive Health with ENZYMEDICA’s DigestGold

In today’s fast-pace world, people tend to eat processed, ‘fast’ foods that don’t tend to digest as efficiently as they should. This can have a negative effect on your system and cause it not to function efficiently. When that happens, your body doesn’t absorb nutrients properly. Digestive enzymes break down the foods we eat into […]

Healthy Delights® offers Delicious, Natural Supplements and Nutritional Snacks

These days we are constantly on the go, it’s important stay healthy and stay on the offensive against getting sick. But sometimes there’s barely any time to be conscientious of taking our vitamins every day. Especially if you travel for work, we tend to neglect that! Healthy Delights® brand of confectionery nutritional products has a […]

Dr. Bruce Lee Explains His Groundbreaking Acessa™, Radiofrequency Ablation Technology

Dr. Bruce Lee of Rox Center in Beverly Hills, CA,  is a doctor that women all over the world might want to thank. He is the inventor of the revolutionary Acessa™ technology, an alternative to having to get a hysterectomy, the removal of the uterus. The Acessa™ procedure is a minimally-invasive, same-day laparoscopic procedure to deliver […]

Celebrity Chef Kerry Simon Battling MSA – Multiple System Atrophy – and Raising Awareness to Rare Disease

While battling is certainly nothing new for “Iron Chef” winner Kerry Simon, he never dreamed he’d be facing an ongoing daily battle for his life. Kerry has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of Parkinson’s disease. There is little known about this rare form of the disease, MSA – multiple system atrophy, than unfortunately is […]

Dr. Bruce Lee Opens Fibroid Treatment Center in Beverly Hills at the Rox Center

Rox Center‘s newest physician, Dr. Bruce B. Lee, has a created and developed a ground-breaking procedure for the 7 million women in the United States who are facing a hysterectomy. Dr. Lee offers an alternative: Acessa, a safe, effective, and minimally-invasive procedure to treat fibroids. Cleared by the FDA, Acessa allows a quick recovery, a […]

Revolutionary ScarAway Patented Technology Helps You Heal And Treat Your Scars

ScarAway is a revolutionary patented silicone technology that can be used from the comfort of your own home to treat and prevent abnormal scarring. If you’ve been someone who has suffered with unsightly scars after an accidental trauma, surgery or burns, ScarAway can be the solution.  People have raved about this product; many were actually […]

Calling Jenny McCarthy! Hollywood Freedom Laser Therapy Offering $1 Million To Help You Quit Smoking And Become Their Ambassador

Jenny McCarthy is center stage for more controversy, something she handles with flair and style all her own. She recently learned she would not be returning to the ABC TV talk show, The View. Back in April of 2013, Craig Nabat, President of a Los Angeles-based nicotine addiction clinic, Freedom Laser Therapy, offered her a cool […]

Summer Hydrate With SOS Rehydrate and Avoid Hangovers with Never Hungover

Summer is here and marks the beginning of an exciting season of beach trips, barbecues and pool parties. Everyone loves the fun of long summer days and endless summer nights and we all know they can often get wet and wild. Thankfully you no longer have to suffer the consequences of having a great time […]

MD Insider – Finally, A Patient’s Solution to Getting The True Stats on Physicians

With health care making headlines daily, it seems the increase in options has increased the confusion as well. MD Insider wants to clear some of the mystery with the Physician Performance Transparency solution. MD Insider takes the billions of data points about physician experience, quality, and cost to compile a comprehensive portrait of each doctor […]

Finally. A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Pillow Comfort – MyPillow®

Best Pillow! * An LA’s The Place TOP PICK for 2014 * Recently, we met with Michael J. Lindell, inventor and CEO of My Pillow, Inc. You can say that Mike sells sleep. He has basically thought of everything that the traditional pillow lacks and came up with a pillow that is superb and includes every desired […]

ROX Center of Beverly Hills Welcomes Board-certified OB/GYN Specialist Dr. Frances McKindsey

Dr. Frances McKindsey brings to the ROX Center more than just her years of education, training, and experience in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. While Dr. McKindsey can display a full menu of degrees, certifications, and affiliations, some of her best qualifications are not as quantifiable, such as her compassion, concern, and trust with her […]

Dr. Andre Panossian, Specialist in Plastic Surgery for Children, Joins Rox Center Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Andre Panossian, who has recently joined the prestigious team of fine surgeons at Rox Center in Beverly Hills, is not just a board-certified plastic surgeon and a leading educator in plastic and reconstructive surgery — he’s also a specialist in surgery for children, with procedures addressing a wide range of issues. Dr. Panossian can address more minor […]

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