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Dr. Kent’s Corner

Kent Holtorf, M.D. of Holtorf Medical Group Specializes in Hormonal Imbalance, Hypothyroidism and Fatigue

The Holtorf Medical Group (HMG), founded by Kent Holtorf M.D., is dedicated to providing individualized cutting-edge medical care. HMG treats patients with scientifically researched and evidence-based integrative medicine,  specializing in tough-to-diagnose and treat medical issues such as thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalance, chronic fatigue syndrome, metabolic dysfunction (inability to lose weight),  fibromyalgia and Lyme disease. Patients […]

Dr. Holtorf Talks about the Latest Findings and Benefits of HGH

HGH. A widely talked-about, sometimes controversial subject. Whether you want to use it for weight loss, anti-aging, muscle-building, and more, it’s a must to know the facts. Our Health Expert, Dr. Kent Holtorf, who happens to be AOL’s Endocrinology Specialist, talks about the benefits, and the read scoop on HGH according to the latest studies […]

Dr. Kent Holtorf Discusses new Innovative Weight Loss Treatments

Dr. Kent Holtorf, Endocrinology Expert for AOL and LA’s The Place Medical Adviser, discusses weight loss, the possible underlying causes that are not generally addressed such as leptin resistance, chronic dieting, low thyroid, and new innovative treatments such as combination medications and HCG Holtorf Medical Group – 310.375.2705 23456 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 160 Torrance, […]

Dr. Kent Holtorf Talks About Low Libido

Once again, we turn to our health expert, Dr. Kent Holtorf to find out the real facts about libido. Today he talks about many thing related to low libido both in men and women; what causes it, and the many therapies and natural solutions than can restore your libido and the quality of your life […]

Dr. Kent Holtorf Discusses How Best to Fix the Broken Medical System in the U.S.

Dr. Kent Holtorf M.D., medical director of the Holtorf Medical Center for Hormone Imbalance, Hypothyroidism and Fatigue in Torrance, California, discusses how best to fix the medical system in the U.S. Everyone deserves good health care – but what’s the best way to go about it? That’s where the debate is. Dr. Holtorf shares his educated […]

Dr. Kent Holtorf Explains The Real Facts on Vitamin D Levels and Health

Dr. Kent Holtorf discusses the Vitamin D and the findings that most of us do not have optimum Vitamin D levels in our bodies. Explains Dr. Holtorf: What was thought to be accepted levels of Vitamin D in the past are actually very low. The previous recommended daily allowance has been 400 units, which doesn’t do […]

Dr. Kent Holtorf Discusses Thyroid Test and Treatment Shortcomings

Dr. Holtorf founded the Holtolf Medical Group over ten years ago, in order to give medical problems the attention he feels they deserve. For well over a decade he has specialized in innovative evidence-based therapies for hard-to-treat and poorly-understood illnesses. Today he talk to us about Thyroid Disease and how easliy it can be misdiagnosed, and […]

Dr. Kent Holtorf speaks about the Proven Benefits of Bio-Identical Hormones for Women…and Men

Dr. Kent Holtorf M.D., medical director of the Holtorf Medical Center for Hormone Imbalance, Hypothyroidism and Fatigue in Torrance, California, talks about the benefits of Bio-Identical Hormones and how they are the smart choice over synthetic hormones. There are some surprising studies that prove that Bio-Identical Hormones actually reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. […]

Dr. Kent Holtorf Launches National Academy of Hypothyroidism Website

Did you know simply adjusting your thyroid levels could solve your battles with depression, anxiety and weight gain among other psychological factors? LA’s the Place health correspondent, Dr. Kent Holtorf of Holtorf Medical Group, Inc. of Torrance, CA, has just launch an incredibly informative and user friendly non-profit website, National Academy of Hypothyroidism, addressing issues […]

Dr. Kent Holtorf’s Natural Weight Loss Special for Christmas

Need weight loss fast and organically before the holidays? Or a solution for weight you gained over the holidays? Dr. Kent Holtorf of Holtorf Medical Group Inc., who specializes in treating ailments using vitamins and natural hormones, has a weight loss program sure to help you drop those stubborn pounds by assisting your boosting your body’s […]

Dr. Kent Holtorf discusses the Risk of the Swine Flu Vaccine

Want Real Health Care Reform that Dramatically Cuts Costs and Improves care: Stop Thinking Insurance

While most Americans favor health care reform, the majority are now against proposed plans that expand the government role in providing health care.  The public is not only skeptical of the promise of improved access and delivery, but also very suspicious about claims of cost reduction through the elimination of waste.  Historically, health care programs […]

New Analysis Uncovers safer, more Effective Way of Delivering Hormone Replacement therapy for PostMenopausal Women

Medical literature reveals bioidentical hormones provide superior cardiovascular benefits over synthetic HRT while reducing the risk of breast cancer. Significant controversy over the safety of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has given both physicians and patients pause when treating symptoms of menopause, perimenopause and post-menopause. While synthetic forms of HRT such as Premarin, Provera and Prempro […]

Six Ways to Boost Libido and Sexual Satisfaction

A recent study in the Journal of American Medical Association showed that 31% of men and 43% of women suffer some form of sexual inadequacy at some point in their lives. Lack of desire, performance anxiety, premature ejaculation or pain during intercourse are all common symptoms of sexual dysfunction in men and women. By determining […]

Dr. Kent Holtorf – Bringing Hope Where There Was None

Health. Without it, you have nothing. Your vitality is your quality of life. All too often, people suffer with symptoms for years because their doctors cannot find the cause and don’t know how to treat them. It’s a godsend to find a medical practice dedicated to going beyond standard treatments in order to find the […]

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