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Cheri Mancuso

Psychic Medium Cheri Mancuso’s 2012 US and World Predictions – Part 2

As promised, here are Cheri Mancuso’s predictions for 2012, and a recap of her past predictions that came came to be… Read Part 1 HERE… Read Cheri’s past predictions HERE…

Develop Your Psychic Ability with Cheri Mancuso’s One-on One-Classes

Cheri Mancuso is a world-renowned psychic of twenty years who has worked with law enforcement, politicians, film directors and others in giving amazingly accurate results and insight. As a regular contributor to LA’s the Place Magazine, she’s offered spot on yearly predictions and is a co-author of the novel Coldspring. Now Cheri’s sharing her wealth of […]

Cheri Mancuso’s US and World Predictions for 2012

Cheri Mancuso, psychic to the stars, gave LA’s the Place accurate predictions for 2011. With twenty-five years of using her gift as a psychic plus her in depth knowledge of numerology, she brings us 2012 predictions for the U.S. and beyond. Written by Cheri Mancuso Welcome to my predictions for 2012! This is the first […]

Psychic Medium Cheri Mancuso Speaks about the Art of Manifestation

In this article I am going to talk to you about the Art of Manifestation. When I speak of Manifestation, I am speaking about the act of bringing our thoughts into reality. That is to say, manifestation is the practice of bringing about desired results that began initially as a thought in our minds. For […]

Psychic Medium Cheri Mancuso and John Scarano Recount Ghost Encounter – Podcast

Psychic medium Cheri Mancuso and John Scarano join Darkness Radio to talk about their real life experience with a boy ghost named Charlie… Listen now to John and Cheri on Clear Channel Radio – Charlie, the Ghost Boy – 6-21-2011: DarknessRadio062111_11P.mp3 Cheri Mancuso is recognized all over the world for her astounding predictions and psychic […]

Psychic Medium Cheri Mancuso Predictions – Looking Ahead in 2011! Predictions

As I do every year, I publish a list of predictions for the New Year ahead. In addition to my psychic ability, I use my knowledge of Numerology to aid me as well. Last year, 2010, was a 3 year (2+0+1+0 = 3) and so 2011 is a 4 year. The four year indicates that […]

Are My Spirit Guides Listening To Me?

By Psychic Medium Cheri Mancuso From the conception of birth, a Guide is chosen in the ethereal world with the consent of the soul about to be born. Upon conception that individual is guided throughout life by a spiritual mentor for the length of the host human’s lifetime. In the dream state, the soul converses […]

How to Avoid Picking the Psychic from Hell Every Time! By Cheri Mancuso

By Cheri Mancuso I couldn’t begin to tell you how many of my clients have made the following remark after their first reading with me, “Cheri, I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been to find a real Psychic Medium!” And then comes the litany of bad psychic experiences coupled with another list of […]

Psychic Medium Cheri Mancuso’s Predictions for 2010

Cheri Mancuso is a renown psychic medium, who has successfully worked with law enforcement with the recovery of missing persons. She has a longtime proven track record for accurate predictions in every realm. Read our article on Cheri here… Cheri has also always had the courage to speak what he feels is the truth about future […]

Psychic Cheri Mancuso’s Debut Nonfiction Novel – Coldspring

Not only is our newest columnist, psychic and medium Cheri Mancuso, incredibly equipped to assist in metaphysical matters but she is a newly published author.  Coldspring, a literary nonfiction based on a true story with karmic connections, is co-authored with Cheri’s partner and metaphysical practitioner, Jon Scarano. Coldspring, an ultimate love story, chronicles three documented […]

Discover your Psychic Ability with World-Renowned Psychic Cheri Mancuso

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could figure out what your real purpose was or when you will meet ‘the one’ or how to heal yourself? According to world-renowned psychic of twenty years, Cheri Mancuso says you absolutely can! Like learning to ride a bike, she believes we all have psychic abilities that […]

Cheri Mancuso: Renown Psychic with Twenty Years of Helping People

Are you or someone you know at a difficult crossroad with a relationship in your life? Have you just lost a loved one and have unfinished business with them? Are you feeling frustrated with your current work and know you have a greater purpose to fulfill? LA’s The Place is proud to introduce you to […]

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