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Barbara Garcia

Psychic Waves-Vampires, Diaries, and Merlin

Since ancient times, people have been fascinated by old diaries and journals. There were the Viking Runes, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and so many other vestiges of a long lost civilization, hand painted on the walls of caves by early man, or crafted by wizards, or possibly even by extraterrestrials. Voices from an ancient people are compelling […]

Psychic Waves- Future of PCTV

Written by Barbara Garcia Imagine yourself creating exciting content for your favorite television programs with amazing tools that allow you to interact with your favorite characters onscreen. As major networks become internet portals they evolve into slipstreams of infinite creative information.  Similarly, the music industry supports the new technology. Thousands of new talent and web-based […]

Psychic Waves-Teleportation and Your Thoughts

Written by Barbara Garcia Are you a believer in psychokinesis, teleportation, and time travel?  You and millions of others have pondered these possibilities and now these amazing science fiction plots of the past are becoming a reality and according to a most recent European scientific news article stating, “Light switches, TV remote controls and even […]

Psychic Waves- Altered States of Consciousness

One may find themselves in a good deal of thought relating to altered states of consciousness brought about by episodes of Fox TV, Fringe television show. Significant research by talented script writers is evident and presented in these vivid action drama series brought to us each week. They seem real to us and as valid […]

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