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Rox Center Beverly Hills Add Four More Outstanding Doctors, Dr. Frances McKindsey, and Dr. Andre Panossian

The Rox Center in Beverly Hills, known for the most comprehensive surgical destination and choice of notable doctors and plastic surgeons, announced the addition of new fine doctors/surgeons. The Rox Center welcomes Dr. Frances McKindsey, FACOG: Dr. Frances McKindsey is an experienced and trusted OB/GYN specialist with another distinction: She is a Fellow of the American […]

Dr. Jay Calvert: How Online Doctor’s Reviews Are Affecting Your Health Care

Dr. Jay Calvert is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon of in Beverly Hills. Dr. Calvert specializes in revision rhinoplasty and aesthetic surgeries. Working at the prestigious Rox Center in Beverly Hills, Dr. Calvert is known for his talented work. Patient care is of the utmost importance to Dr. Calvert and the Rox Center. Their mission […]

Dr. Travis Kidner and The Rox Cancer Center Provide Revolutionized Cancer Patient Treatment in Beverly Hills

The Rox Center in Beverly Hills announces The Rox Cancer Center. Rox Center is the next generation of surgical healthcare for all patients. They are comprised of the best doctors and medical professionals to bring patients effective treatments and all-encompassing healthcare. The Rox Center delivers a refined healthcare experience with a team of doctors who cover a complete […]

Avoid The Flu This Season by Choosing Oscillococcinum

Flu season has definitely arrived and many people have already been affected. January and February 2013 are peak seasons for the flu according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. To ensure you are taking the proper precautions use pharmacist-recommended Oscillococcinum. Oscillococcinum also known as Oscillo, can help reduce flu like symptoms such as chills, fever, […]

Rox Center Surgical Oncologist Dr. Travis Kidner Explains How to Tell When a Mole is Cancerous

Ask The Experts: Dr. Travis Kidner was asked: “What are the signs of cancer you should be concerned about when you have a mole? Dr. Kidner: Any mole that you have that is new or changing, starting to itch or bleed, you should seek medical care. For moles that are already existing, a good rule […]

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