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Dr. Travis Kidner

Dr. Travis Kidner Explains Hernia Repair

Dr. Travis Kidner is a surgical oncologists practicing in the Rox Center Beverly Hills. As part of the Rox Center, he performs hernia removal procedures laparoscopic preferred, but is willing to conduct open techniques. In this video, Dr. Travis Kindler explains what a hernia is, the variety to which a hernia occurs (e.g. Post-Surgery hernias, […]

Surgical Oncologist Dr. Travis Kidner Discusses His Own Melanoma Cancer Diagnosis

Doctors are people too, as Dr. Travis Kidner discovered when a malignant melanoma was found on his back. Yes, the noted oncologist and melanoma surgeon with the Rox Center in Beverly Hills had been diagnosed with the very disease he had treated in so many patients before. But unlike the unknowing patients who often came into […]

Rox Cancer Center: Obesity Major Health Risk and Linked to Melanoma Risk in Men

Obesity has emerged as a major risk health across the United States and a contributing factor to chronic and preventable ailments such as heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, gall bladder disease, osteoarthritis, hypertension, stroke, and several types of cancers, including breast cancer, endometrial cancer, thyroid cancer, colon cancer…and melanoma in men. The Center for Disease […]

Rox Cancer Center: Angelina Jolie Sheds Light on the Life Saving Preventive Measures of Genetic Testing for Hereditary Breast Cancer

Most cases of breast cancer in the United States occur in women with no family history of the disease. For these women, regular breast exams and mammography will suffice. But women bearing the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations must consider extra measures. These women, including the most recent celebrity to deal with this, Angelina Jolie, […]

The Rox Cancer Center Beverly Hills Offers Complete, Comprehensive Care

Dr. Andrew Ordon, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and co-host of the daytime talk show, The Doctors, and his surgical group at the Rox Center in Beverly Hills, announced the founding of the Rox Cancer Center. The Rox Cancer Center promises to give every patient a first-class personalized treatment plan made for one straightforward goal: a cure. The Rox Cancer […]

Dr. Travis Kidner, Surgical Oncologist Joins The Rox Center in Beverly Hills

No one likes to hear the “C” word, but when you or a family member is faced with cancer, a trusted, experience doctor is crucial. Dr. Travis Kidner, practicing in Beverly Hills, is a surgical oncologist and a general surgeon, certified by the American Board of Surgery you can rely on.  He discovered a passion […]

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