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Dr. Anita Patel

Dr. Anita Patel Discusses Body Contouring Surgery

The Rox Center’s Dr. Anita Patel discusses her approach to body contouring surgery after massive weight loss… Body contouring after massive weight loss is a very unique procedure in every patient. When the patient comes in I like to know all of the different areas that they would like addressed and we make a list […]

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anita Patel – LA Magazine’s Best of LA – Super Doctors SoCal Rising Stars 2013

Congratulations to Dr. Anita Patel, a partner in the Rox Center of Beverly Hills, who was featured in LA Magazine’s “Best of LA Issue” LA Magazine honored Dr. Anita Patel as one of the “Super Doctors Southern California Rising Stars 2013”, in the LA Magazine Best of LA issue. Only 5% of doctors in a […]

Surgical Experts Dr. Jay Calvert, Dr. Anita Patel and Dr. Andrew Ordon Featured Speakers at the 2013 Aesthetic Meeting

The 2013 Aesthetic Meeting was held in New York City on April 11-16, 2013.  The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation hosted the event with the finest plastic surgeons and surgical professional from around the world. Beverly Hills’ own, Dr. Jay Calvert, Dr. Anita Patel and Dr. Andrew Ordon […]

Mommy Makeover – Rox Center’s Dr. Anita Patel Helps Women Restore Figure After Pregnancy

Dr. Anita Patel discusses the Mommy Makeover, designed for women who want to get their pre-pregnancy figure back, or an even better one. The Mommy Makeover may include a breast lift, tummy tuck and if necessary liposuction. Some of the effects of pregnancy may not be temporary and Dr. Patel utilizes the innovative healthcare and […]

Skilled Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anita Patel Discusses Background and The Rox Center in Beverly Hills

Meet Dr. Anita Patel. Dr. Anita Patel is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in both Beverly Hills and Newport Beach. As a highly skilled surgeon, she specializes in rhinoplasty and complex revision rhinoplasty, breast reconstruction after cancer, Mommy Makeovers and more. She is part of the team at the prestigious Rox Center in  Beverly Hills. The Rox Center […]

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Anita Patel Specializes in Personalized Care for Every Patient

Building trust, giving honest answers without a sales pitch and being emotionally supportive are the foundation of Dr. Anita Patel’s patient care in her cosmetic surgery practice. Because she knows plastic surgery is a life-changing event, she is dedicated to being there every step of the process – from consultation to post-surgery healing. Dr. Patel’s […]

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