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What is RSS?

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In layman’s terms, an RSS feed is a way of notifying readers when blogs and websites update. With it you scan the feed of your favorite sites in a much more efficient manner, saving you valuable time.

Really Simple Syndication
The initials RSS stand for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ and the beauty of feeds is that you can read the latest updates on websites without actually going to the site itself.

It should be noted that not all websites have RSS feeds.

RSS readers
If you use a PC, you will have to get yourself an RSS reader, a good one to start with is Google reader.

How to get started
Once you are signed up, click on the ‘add feed’ button, then you will need to open a different window and click our RSS feed: LA’s the Place feed

Cut and paste the above feed URL into the ‘add feed’ field and viola! You are now officially subscribed to our RSS feed.

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