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Château Minuty M de Minuty Rose Limited Edition 2017 Collaborates with Artist

Château Minuty M de Minuty Rose Limited Edition 2017

A bottle of rose’ is already the ideal summer accessory. It’s welcome on any table, from a sophisticated dinner party to an informal get together with a handful of close friends. Now, Chateau Minuty is offering a bottle as distinctive as the wine itself.

M de Minuty is the St. Tropez region’s original rosé. To celebrate the 2017 vintage, Château Minuty collaborated with an American artist on the M Limited Edition. The timeless design of the bottle received a fresh treatment that celebrates the region and the spirit of rose’.

Artist Ashley Mary packs life and color into every square inch of the canvas. Minuty invited her to create a new look for the St. Tropez winery’s trademark Provencal bottle that incorporates the unique charms of the South of France. Mary traveled to Provence and the St. Tropez region to gather inspiration for her design from the region’s breathtaking natural beauty and centuries-old architecture. The result is the Chateau Minuty M de Minuty Limited Edition 2017.

This dry rose’ is remarkable for vibrant aromas of perfectly matched peach and candied orange. It harmonizes smoothness with a light, acidic vivacity that is pleasing to the tongue. Chateau Minuty M de Minuty Limited Edition pairs exquisitely with summertime fare, such as raw vegetables, grilled meats, and prawn kabobs.

The Château Minuty estate has been part of the landscape of the peninsula since the 19th century. Today, the founder’s grandsons Jean-Etienne and Francois Matton carry on a tradition of winemaking excellence that began over 80 years ago. Chateau Minuty maintains its connection to the past by remaining faithful to traditional practices, including sustainable, chemical-free farming methods and hand-picked grapes.

Drought is normally not considered a positive development. In the case of Château Minuty, it has helped produce an exceptional rose’. The two-year drought across the region resulted in concentrated grapes capable of more intense aroma. Close monitoring of the grape berries during the ripening process, kept alcohol levels lower, not exceeding 13%. This accounts for the wine’s lightness and incredible balance.

The bottle is a visual journey through time and place. The rose’ is a revelation that builds on a legacy of winemaking excellence. Enjoy both this summer while entertaining friends and family or enjoying an intimate evening at home. The Chateau Minuty M de Minuty Limited Edition 2017 is now available in only three U.S. states, including California.

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