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Revolutionary Snoring Technology Remedy Snore Circle

Snore Circle Snoring Remedy
Your snoring doesn’t just disturb other people, it also disrupts your own sleep patterns. This can have serious ramifications that reach beyond your bedroom. Getting a poor night’s sleep can leave you feeling groggy all day and unable to function at your best. It can even contribute to a host of problems from headaches and fatigue to high blood pressure and pulmonary hypertension. Snoring isn’t merely a nuisance, it’s a potential medical issue that shouldn’t be ignored.

The creators of Snore Circle have improved on their revolutionary technology. They believe the second iteration is the most effective snoring remedy in the world. Investors seem to agree. They have contributed over $289,000 to the development of the product on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website that helps entrepreneurs secure the funding they need to bring innovative products to market.

Snoring is primarily triggered by vibrations in the nose and throat. These vibrations are caused by the relaxation of soft tissue which narrows the airways. This sometimes manifests itself as a loud, guttural sound we call snoring. Snore Circle recognizes the sound through bone conduction and can respond with microsounds and vibrations at 54 levels that stop you from snoring. The result is improved sleep that is more restful and healthier.

Unlike some snoring devices that are obtrusive and uncomfortable, Snore Circle is a compact device that fits right in your ear. By studying various earphones and peripherals, the creators of Snore Circle were able to design a device that fits all ear sizes. It’s also simple to use: when it’s time for bed you just place it in your ear and turn it on.

Not only does Snore Circle work, you can track how it works. While you sleep Snore Circle collects data that is sent to an app on your smartphone or other mobile devices. You can monitor the results and even compare your data with that of friends and family who use Snore Circle. You can even monitor your health statistics.

Snore Circle

The creators of Snore Circle are so confident their product can stop snoring and improve sleep that they are willing to give you your money back if you don’t agree. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with Snore Circle simply return it within 30 days and get a full refund.

You don’t have to live with snoring. Snore Circle is a simple, affordable and effective way to ensure you and your partner sleep more soundly. You’ll not only have a better night, you have better health.

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