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Coffee Gator – Ode To Pour Over Coffee

Coffee Gator’s Pour Over Coffee Maker
Discovered in the 10th century in what is now Ethiopia, and its drinking practices was documented as early as the 15th century in the Sufi monasteries in Yemen, coffee is a wondrous concoction to brighten up and energize you, every day. Coffee makers have evolved, but the most basic of ways the best coffee makes. Coffee Gator’s Pour Over Coffee Maker is the answer to great coffee, every day.

Ode to Classic Coffee
Founder, admitted that till a few years ago, he only drank instant coffee. But a serendipitous chance happened when he tast Phil Williams

Coffee Gator

The Pour Over Coffee Maker from Coffee Gator was realized when he learned how to make coffee, barista style himself, and found out that great coffee making tools are essential. So, his mission was to help everyone drink great coffee by making great coffee making tools in the hands of people like him and the public.

Every aspect of Pour Over Coffee Maker screams quality, from its design to its delightful end result. Its unique pour over method is streamlining the way your coffee is made, making you enjoy its process simultaneously, enjoying its heavenly notes and aromas steaming from your fresh brew of coffee.

Best Tasting Coffee
You can now pour coffee the way barista did it, in the comfort of your own home, without the hassle of using multiple tools. It is effortless, timeless looking and will ease up your day for more greater things. This first-class coffee maker uses a slow steady stream of water at the right temperature, which fully utilizes the natural oils, flavors and aromas from your fresh coffee beans.

Coffee Gator

Cleaner taste than French pressed, less dangerous than a stovetop percolator, and the incomparable delicate taste compared to a typical coffee maker, Pour Over Coffee Maker is surely the best way to drink your coffee, every time.

Pour Over Coffee maker is also environment- friendly, using steel made laser-cut filter, which is not only better than paper-made ones, it also saves you money. Plus, the reusable cone filter retains all the flavors and oils which results in delicious, delicate coffee.

Coffee Gator is a brand that has real passion for coffee making, and offers exceptional accessories in making your coffee the best, such as their Canister and Pour Over Kettle. Keeping their mantra of more smiles per cup, Pour Over Coffee Maker will make you smile, with every cup.

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