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WOW! Creations 2017 Pre-ESPY Gift Suite Kick off at the W Hollywood

Tyler Emery with legend Lou Ferrigno. at the WOW Creations pre-Espy lounge.

WOW! Creations‘ founders Mark Harris and Matt Harris (Storage Wars) got the ESPY Awards buzz going with their annual 2017 Pre-ESPY Gift Suite at the W Hotel in Hollywood.

Gift lounges provide an opportunity for businesses to get their brands into the spotlight in a way they never could on their own, attaining exposure to celebrities, print and online media, influencers, and sometimes even make it on the news. Companies and individual entrepreneurs enjoy photographs and/or video with some of their favorite stars, for use to promote their brands any way they choose.

Matt Harris, actor Ken Dividian and Mark Harris

Matt Harris, actor Ken Dividian and Mark Harris

Celebrities enjoy the interaction with their peers at the events leading up to the big day, and also appreciate discovering new products (better known as celebrity swag).

It was exciting for the sponsors to meet and chat with some of their favorites like Lou Ferrigno, bodybuilding icon, and star of The Hulk, ex NFL’r Terrell Owens and Eric Dickerson, MMA champ Chuck Liddel, actors Rex Lee, Ajay Mehta, Ken Davitian and more.  You never know who is going to come out.

Tyler Emery with legend Lou Ferrigno. at the WOW Creations pre-Espy lounge.

LATP writer Tyler Emery with bodybuilding legend and actor, Lou Ferrigno.

This year’s Wow Creations Pre-ESPY gift suite presented a well-rounded array of brands:

Probody is part of the Japanese ANNY Group, a company with a 35 year track record of successful innovative Japanese consumer products. They were onsite with some impressive items:

The Probody Energy Chain utilizes the most effective power stones that unleash your body’s full potential. The ceramic-processed magnetic chain emits a magnetic charge that’s therapeutic for neck and shoulder pain. It also doubles as a bracelet to help hands, wrists and arms. It can be worn with their stone pendant molded from the grinding of 20 of the most healing rocks on the planet.

Reign Media’s Tyler Emery with the ANNY Group’s Yoshihide Futaeda

Pro Body Energy Water natural mineral water rejuvenates every cell in your body thanks to micro molecules. It is oxygenated for a more effective metabolism. Sourced from Saga Japan which is known for a rich natural environment it is infused with essential minerals. Pro Body Energy Socks are knitted with Japanese paper yarn on the outside and collagen treated yarn on the inside (for ultra comfort) and prevents odor.  The ergonomic five toe design enhances physical performance.

Rumba Cigars

Mark Edwards sales marketing and Cigar Aficionado for Rumba

Mark Edwards sales marketing and Cigar Aficionado for Rumba

For the cigar aficionado, Rumba Cigars by Marco Suave, made in the Dominican Republic are affordable authentic Spanish cigars. Mark described them as a nice smooth smoke. Previously sold mostly on the East Coast, there are now becoming available on the West Coast but you can purchase them on the internet.


Etchey is a laser engraving company located in Orange County, California. A one-stop, custom shop! They can engrave anything into almost anything you can think of: They specialize in wood, glass, ceramic and acrylic engraving, and are constantly adding new items.

Zatik Natural

Everything your skin and body needs to maintain young and healthy skin. Zatik uses science to identify the most beneficial botanicals to create radiant beauty. Wonderful products like the Seaweed & Algae Organic Crème Wrinkle Solution, natural effective deoderants and more. Zatik means ladybug in Armenian; symbolizes spring, beauty, and regeneration. USDA Certified Organic.

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