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Balance your Body’s PH with GoPure Pod for Water

GoPure Pod

GoPure Pod is a NSF-certified, eco-friendly Water Purifier

Today, people are more informed on the fact that to stay in good physical health, your body need lots of water and should have the optimum PH. But trying to understand exactly how to maintain that has been a confusing affair. The main benefit of having the right PH balance  is that disease and disorder cannot take root in a body whose pH is in balance.

GoPure Pod

GoPure Pod is a revolutionary, NSF-certified + eco-friendly water purifier that balances your tap water (or even bottled water that is not necessarily the proper PH) to the optimal pH level of 7.4. It’s small, about the size of a wine cork, which makes it perfect to do drop it into any water vessel – bottle, pitcher, glass, coffee maker and more. Once immersed, it immediately starts purifying and enhancing water through its patented technology ‘PuriBloc’.

Not only does it balance pH, the GoPure Pod also rids water of dangerous impurities that are commonly found in water such as e.coli, lead, chlorine and chromium.

Understanding PH
On a scale from 0-14, the human body is programmed to maintain a pH level of 7.4, which is slightly alkaline. One of the main ways to meet this ideal level starts with the water that we drink. The pH level in our drinking water reflects how acidic it is. Most tap and bottled water is a pH of around 6.7, which is too acidic for our bodies. When we consume water that’s too acidic, we’re creating an internal environment that is susceptible to weakened body systems and increased risk of disease.

Environmentally-speaking, one Pod replaces 2,000 plastic water bottles. It’s a simple, easy and affordable way to reduce your plastic footprint.

Retailing at $24.95, it lasts up to six months. What an easy and affordable way to improve your health and help the planet while doing so!

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