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Innovative Dreampad Tech Pillow Improves Sleep and Quality of Life

dreampad pillow

The Dreampad Pillow is a revolutionary new sleep-inducing pillow that leverages developments in vibration technology to improve healing sleep patterns gently. The Dreampad is a game changer for those suffering from insomnia, folks who have trouble falling asleep at night or “shutting off their brain” and even children of all ages. Designed for both adults and children, the core concept behind the Dreampad Pillow is a sleep-inducing luxury pillow that uses low-frequency sound vibrations that only the user can hear to enable healthy sleeping habits.

dreampad pillow

Recently, an April 2017 study by the Open Journal of Occupational Therapy Study found that the Dreampad helped children with Autism get rest and find relaxation, which is a common issue for families.

The musical vibrating pillow’s effectiveness is supported by research that suggests “vibrational music can activate the nervous system’s relaxation response,” which further results in calming down your senses and help you sleep better. But the music is not that loud so that it disturbs your partner or those around you.

It Conveys music through delicate, quieting vibrations exclusively so the only the user can hear. It unwinds both the psyche and the body, lessens sound-related hypersensitivities and stress.

Music player can be connected with the wire (cord) inside the Dreampad, and a 6-foot electrical cord is incorporated. It has a hypoallergenic pad with a built–in zippered stash for the player

Another positivie is that you’re not aggravating others in the room when you’re utilizing the Dreampad.

All the more imperatively, as the vibration advances toward the hard region encompassing your center and internal ear, it is setting off your body’s unwinding response.

Clinical information recommends that the quieting impact of the Dreampad is a consequence of the vibrational music empowering the vagus nerve, which truly enacts the parasympathetic sensory system (PNS).  Our PNS helps us control push – in case we’re in a condition of hyper-excitement, or lifted anxiety; the PNS is the piece of our sensory system which conveys us down to a quieter place where we can unwind and nod off.

Peer reviewed study measures the effect of a new sound technology on sleep

The sleep challenges confronted by those on the mental imbalance range are known to bring about absentmindedness, hyperactivity, and animosity. A peer-reviewed study published by The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy on April 1, 2017, brings to light a new sound technology, called the Dreampad, which may provide help to these individuals and their families.

The research, conducted by Dr. Sarah Schoen, used standardized tests for sleep and quality of life to measure changes in sleep patterns and daytime behavior of 15 children diagnosed with ASD.

The review likewise analyzed the impacts of changes in rest designs on parent and family stress and personal satisfaction. The greater part of the families demonstrated enhanced scores in both ranges, showing that the enhanced rest of one individual can positively affect the guardians and others in the family.

“We’re grateful to Dr. Schoen and the STAR Institute for their enthusiasm for the Dreampad and its effect on youngsters with a mental imbalance,” said iLs CEO, Randall Redfield. “For a considerable length of time, guardians and specialists have been reaching us with their extraordinary stories, and it’s satisfying to see those reports now reverberated by clinical information particular to those on the extremely introverted-ness range.”

Integrated Listening Systems (iLs) provides a music and movement therapy for improving brain function. The iLs program is implemented by therapists to improve learning, attention, behavior and emotional regulation. One of their products, the Dreampad, is used as a therapeutic tool as well as a sleep aid in the home.  Read more about ILS and the Dreampad at www.integratedlistening.com.

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