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Seeso hosts Premiere Viewing Party for Second Season of “Hidden America with Jonah Ray”

Hidden America

In celebration of the return of “Hidden America with Jonah Ray”, Seeso held a season premiere viewing party at the Virgil in Los Angeles on Tuesday May 4th. Media, VIP and friends mingled over classic cocktails prepared by the 1920’s style saloon.

After a hour of mingling, the premiere began. “Hidden America with Jonah Ray” is a  Bourdain-esque fictional travel show, featuring Jonah Ray (“MST3K”) traveling to major cities, including Miami, D.C., Honolulu, Nashville, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Reno, London and more.

The season began with Jonah exploring miami, making new friends and exploring the many different cultures of Miami. With quaint puns and hilariously awkward situation this show is a nerd enthusiasts dream.

One of the more funnier parts in my eyes, was a scene where Jonah was learning salsa with a homosexual instructor. At the end of their lesson, Jonah had bonded with the instructor and had a passionate seen where he went in for a kiss and was swiftly rebuked. Even after the instructor said he had a husband. Later in the show Jonah apologizes but tries again, this time his husband is there and aggressively runs up to Jonah to protect his spouse. Jonah then shrieks “Please don’t hurt me!”, as he crouches into an almost fetal standing position.

The second season of “Hidden America with Jonah Ray” features guest stars including Anthony Bourdain (“Parts Unknown,” “No Reservations”) Joel Hodgson (“Mystery Science Theater 3000”), Yvette Nicole Brown (“Community”), Janet Varney (“You’re The Worst”) and Jorge Garcia (“Lost”).

After the episode ended, fellow friend of Jonah’s and comedian Chris Hardwick moderated Q & A from a live stream. Jonah tried trolling friend Chris Hardwick by implying some innuendo from one of his statements. The audience loved it.

To watch “Hidden America with Jonah Ray” subscribe to Seeso or find it on Amazon Prime. For more information on the Virgil visit

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