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Three L.A. Cyclists Compete in the Red Hook Criterium

Written by Rob Halinar
On Saturday, April 29, 2016, three Los Angeles cyclists packed their gear, bicycles, and support team and flew to Brooklyn NY to earn their badge of honor at the one and only Red Hook Criterium, a 45 minute grueling race.

Red Hook Criterium

Dante Young warms up before race.

Why you ask ? It’s the Red Hook Crit, a once illegal street race amongst friends, in it’s 10th year it has evolved into a global circuit, with a stop in Milano, London, and Barcelona. It draws some of the biggest spectator crowds in the world.

Cyclists compete on fixed gear, brakeless bikes, at night, on a closed 1 mile loop for 26 Fast laps. 300 cyclists put their blood, sweat and tears, (literally) to pass the qualifying heats, on the day of, to make it to the big event. only 100 get in, and only 25 to 50 percent actually finish the main race.

Red Hook Criterium

A win is an almost guarantee pro cycling contract, and just like the early days, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place get hundreds in cash, (in $1 bills). Also the Huge after party makes it worth the cross country travel.

Some racers who have the means will travel, and compete in the entire series. It’s That big of a deal.

Congratulations to Dante Young and Alvin Escajeda of the CNCPT team, who finished. Which is an amazing accomplishment, as any serious cyclist who knows what the Red Hook Crit is all about.

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