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Caterina Jewelry Revolutionize Charm and Classic Jewelry

Caterina Jewelry

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Back in 2013, the story of a jewelry brand, now loved by young Hollywood, was born. Propelled by an abiding desire to offer women a selection of .925 sterling silver-sculptured jewelry pieces at affordable prices, Caterina Jewelry has broken ground time and again with an intriguing legacy of designs that revolutionize two of the world’s most-loved jewelry concepts to this day — charm and classic jewelry.

Caterina Jewelry

A vision of exceptional beauty springs, every moment more brilliant and mesmerizing. The luxurious experience of Caterina Jewelry unfolds, so impeccably crafted and imagined that actresses, models, and singers alike have come to love it.

From actresses Jennifer Holland, Milynn Sarley, and Chyler Leigh to America’s Next Top Model runner-up Hannah Kat Jones, Caterina Jewelry is surely getting discovered by top celebrities.

Actress Milynn Sarley Marvel’s “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2”. (Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images); Katrina Law on INLOVE cover

And if you’ve got your hands on the 2017 Spring edition of INLOVE Magazine, you’ve most likely seen Spartacus: Vengeance star Katrina Law’s shimmering pink outfit, accessorized with enthralling Minimalista Rose Jet Black Panache Earrings for a touch of sweet warmth.

The SIGNATURE Collection marked the very beginning of the company, offering a stunning assortment of dazzling charm bracelets and necklaces in vivid, enchanting hues, all ready to wear and love. Stricken by the difficulty of unclasping bracelets, Caterina Jewelry embarked on a journey to create a solution that would ultimately make charm bracelet enthusiasts love their charm bracelets more than ever before.

caterina jewelry the Charm OpenerThe invention of the Charm Opener® stamped a significant evolution in Caterina Jewelry’s timeline and heritage. The company soon embraced the charm jewelry meeting classic jewelry concept, something that would put an irresistible spin on the two.

In 2014, the new CJ line was introduced. Renowned for its originality and timeless beauty, the collection merges elements of classic and charm jewelry into one-of-a-kind designs previously unknown and unseen.

Unique charms inspired by classic jewelry pendants adorn the 3mm and 2mm sterling silver snake chains, creating spectacular looks that beguile with dazzling perfection.

Caterina Jewelry Co-founder Lara Korhammer

As this new generation of charms can be removed or added two, every CJ piece can be customized to capture your sense of style. According to Cathy Barouch, co-founder of Caterina Jewelry and the visionary mind behind the company’s new concept, “They’re still charms – you can wear, remove and add to them to create intricate jewelry stylings. Their interchangeable character is still there, but updated with the inimitable and refined flair of classic jewelry.”

But there’s more to Caterina Jewelry’s novel designs. The new collection empowers the modern woman and evokes the unrestrained energy, captivating charm, and strength of the female character, a vision further advocated by the company’s new campaign, “Your Style Is Unparalleled and So Are You.”

The campaign brings together some of the most powerful and ambitious women we’ve ever known — women who dared to dream and ultimately dared to turn those dreams into accomplishments as beaming and formidable as their own extraordinary selves.

Model Caterina Korhammer wearing stackable Caterina Jewelry charm bracelets

2016 Rio Olympic Games gold and silver medalists, swimmers Emma McKeon, Madison Wilson, and Georgia Bohl, were fitting muses for the campaign. Fiercely feminine and perfectly stylish, not only have they stand up to years of hard (and we mean hard!) work and an abundance of challenges along the way, but they’ve also crowned their careers with a smashing performance at the last year’s Olympic Games, an achievement equally radiant to Lara Korhammer’s, co-founder of Caterina Jewelry and an Olympian herself.

2016 Rio Olympic Medalist Georgia Bohl wearing Caterina Jewelry

Caterina Jewelry Co-founder and head designer Cathy Barouch

Caterina Jewelry Co-founder and head designer Cathy Barouch

The aim of Caterina Jewelry’s campaign is to highlight the invisible thread between one’s intriguing personality and her inimitable style. To showcase the vision, the muses were styled based on personality, and their looks were completed with shimmering CJ pieces. The result was nothing short of extraordinary.

“Seeing how the jewelry perfectly matched their style and coordinated with their personalities was amazing,” said Cathy Barouch, co-founder and head designer of Caterina Jewelry. “Though minimal, their looks packed just enough punch. The fierceness of the girls would immediately strike you in the face,” she furthered.

The great versatility and contemporary appeal of the pieces shines through. In one photo, the athletes can be seen wearing MINIMALISTA gold-toned bracelets and necklaces stacked to closely resemble the celebrated Olympic logo, a dazzling reminder of their Rio triumph. In another, they can be seen wearing white opal pieces from the MINIMALISTA and CJ CHARM Collections, creating glamorous layers that strikingly epitomize their personal style.

America’s Next Top Model runner-up Hannah Kat Jones is also featured as part of Caterina Jewelry’s “Your Style Is Unparalleled and So Are You” campaign. A model and actress, and a fun lover at heart, Jones added pops of purple to her look with the gorgeous Minimalista Purple Inspiration Golden Silver Earrings and a touch of edgy refinement with the warm Minimalista Jet Black Panache Rose Silver Necklace. Her fondness of chokers is so profound that she ventured to transform the company’s KISS KISS bracelets into fabulous neck-fitting pieces, stacked beautifully with MINIMALISTA necklaces, creating a look that’s bold and edgy.

America's Next Top Model Runner Up Hannah Kat Jones is a Huge Brand Advocate of Caterina Jewelry

America’s Next Top Model Runner Up Hannah Kat Jones is a Huge Brand Advocate of Caterina Jewelry

The stunning looks have been styled by celebrity stylist Gabriel Langenbrunner, who can be reached at [email protected] or 513-888-7324 for editorial placements and more.

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