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Brunch at The Tuck Hotel by Michelin Star International Hotelier Juan Torre

A hidden gem and culinary destination in downtown Los Angeles, The Tuck Hotel recently showcased their new spring items from the all-day brunch menu including Spanish-inspired bites and cocktails by international hotelier Juan Torre, in the hotel’s chic and stylish restaurant. With several Michelin star restaurant experiences under his belt, Torre has created a thoughtful menu boasting bold flavors using only the best ingredients from around the world.

The Elegant Rusticity of the Tuck Hotel Lobby Bar

As brunch was being prepared, we were given a tour of the hotel. The Tuck Hotel has a simple and bold contemporary style to satiate any artists palate. This boutique hotel makes you feel at home in the peace of the ambiance created by it’s interior design and silence of the hotel.

A sneak peak into the magnificent design at the Tuck Hotel

As we got back from our tour the food started arriving at the table. The presentation of the food upholds the style of the boutique. I enjoyed how the food was served on wooden platters instead of plates.

The Brunch Table and a Bloody Mary pre-brunch.

The brunch started with their Italian “Pho” in Brisket and Salmon. These dishes are served with your selection of meat, and then the homemade broth is poured on top of the dish.  

Then came the salads, The first salad to come out was their Super Vitamin-C Kale Salad. This salad contains an avocado base, mandarins, apples, pecans, spring onions & cilantro. After that was the Vitamin D Roots Salad, this salad looks like something I would be eating on a Hawaiian Island. The salad features beats, carrots, yogurt, mint, topped with a light dose of agave.

Vitamin D Roots Salad

Vitamin D Roots Salad

After a Gin & Cava Mimosa, some of the entrees began to arrive. Tuck started off with their Vegan Caponata Pita Bread with traditional Sicilian ratatouille on crispy focaccia.

Vegan Caponata Pita Bread

Accompanying the vegan dishes, came the meatier entrees, such as the 24hr In-House Smoked Brisket, Tuck Fried Potatoes and the Smoked Salmon & Crispy Steamed Bread. The 24hr In House Smoked Brisket includes the kosher brisket that takes three days to fully prepare and cook, caramelized onions, smokey sauce, cilantro and a fried egg.

24hr In House Smoked Brisket

The Smoked Salmon & Crispy Steamed Bread had to be my personal favorite dish of the day. The salmon was paired with Avocado, wasabi mayo, spring onions, and a fired egg on the delicious bread.

Smoked Salmon & Crispy Steamed Bread

At this point of the brunch, I was stuffed to the brim, not daring to try to eat another bite. Then… out comes the sweets! Tuck brought out their signature tuck Pancakes and Chocolate Ganache Croissant. The Tuck Pancakes boasted a picaresque taste of  citrus ricotta cheese, berries, orange, agave & granola. The Chocolate Ganache Croissant was filled with chocolate ganache and berries. It was a great way to top off an amazing brunch!

Chocolate Ganache Croissant

The newly opened boutique hotel has quickly become a coveted travel destination by locals, LA visitors and jet setters alike looking for a unique hotel experience coupled with stellar cuisine. With an exceptional menu, full bar and minimalistic interior design details also by Torre, brunch at the Tuck is an absolute must!

For more information on Tuck Hotel, their restaurant,  or how to book visit their site:

Tuck Hotel: 820 S South Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014
The is street parking, and self-pay parking lot directly across the street.

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