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“A Fresh Start” – Mark Harris is Running for Mayor of Monrovia

Mark Harris, candidate for Mayor of Monrovia

Mark Harris, candidate for Mayor of Monrovia

As Editor-in-Chief of LAsThePlace.com, I have known and worked with Mark Harris over the last 11 years, covering his celebrity gifting events, as well as some of his entertainment clients. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing business with Mark Harris. He is smart, sensible, professional and someone who really cares about people.

If you live in Monrovia, Mark Harris would do justice to the office of Mayor and improve the lives of people in Monrovia.

His message to you:

My Name is Mark Harris and I’m running for Mayor of the City of Monrovia, which is a small city of 37,000 just outside of Pasadena.

I love the “any-town USA” feel about Monrovia. My wife and I love walking through Old Town  and visiting the many shops and restaurants. Over the last couple of years, Monrovia has seen a twenty percent increase in crime, rise in the homeless population, and the once proud feeling of an “All America City” start to slip away.

I think it’s time for a change and “A Fresh Start”. My main goal in running for Mayor is to make a positive difference for the City of Monrovia and help us become a greater place to live work, and raise your family.  I have only the best interests in the residents and business owners of Monrovia on my agenda.

I have been married  for 22 years to my wife Stacy and I have one son Blake who goes to Arizona State University.

Mark Harris, wife and son.

Mark Harris, wife Stacy and son Blake

Since 2006, I have worked with my twin brother Matt in the celebrity brand marketing integration industry providing celebrity product placement for award shows including charity events, the GRAMMY’s, the Oscar’s, the Emmy’s ABC’s “The Bachelor” Miss USA, Miss America, and many more.


I currently co-host a radio show with my brother and have appeared on reality TV including “Storage Wars” on the A&E Network.

Previously I worked in the banking industry for twenty five years where I managed the customer advocacy department at the eighth largest mortgage company in the United States.

My schedule gives me the flexibility and time to commit to the issues and concerns of the city of Monrovia.

It will be my priority to make Monrovia a town you will be proud to call home and I appreciate your support. My name is Mark Harris and I’m running for Mayor. www.markharrisformayorofmonrovia.com

Mark Harris for Mayor of Monrovia

Mark Harris for Mayor of Monrovia


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