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FACUNDO Rum Collection Fine Aged Sipping Rums Celebrates “Art of Rum” at Spago

The luxury FACUNDO Rum Collection celebrated its ‘Art of Rum’ at Spago in Beverly Hills, California. Perfectly suited for a pre-Valentine’s Day exclusive event, Supper Club attendees were treated to a four-course dessert-and-rum pairing, featuring the four gems of the luxury FACUNDO Rum Collection from the Bacardi family’s private reserves.

Nicole Grow, Claudia Co

Nicole Grow, Claudia Cooper and Rowdy Dennis

Guests of the private membership Supper Club, as well as select media, mingled and enjoyed FACUNDO EXIMO and FACUNDO NEO cocktails (recipe below), paired with Spago’s passed canapes.



As guests took their seats for the dessert and rum pairings, FACUNDO Brand Master, David Cid, delivered an explanation of the Collection and the artistry which is involved in this type of luxury rum-making, before the tastings. Wolfgang Puck’s Spago culinary expert Chef Della Gosset was responsible for the desserts of the evening.


FACUNDO Brand Master, David Cid, with Spago’s Chef Della Gosset

The Facundo rums are sourced from the Bahamas, and each have their own characteristics; variations in how they’re each blended and aged.

The four pairings were:

Caramelized White Chocolate Flan with Almonds and Tangerine paired seamlessly with FACUNDO NEO white rum, a pale gold blend of rums aged 8 years and under.

‘Banana’s Foster’ Mille Feuille and Vanilla Crème complemented by FACUNDO EXIMO dark rum, which is matured in cask after blending, for the second course


Sticky Date Cake with Roasted Pears and Crème Fraiche, which was expertly balanced with a neat pour of FACUNDO EXQUISITO, a blend of rums aged 7 to 23 years, and finished for one month in sherry casks.

FACUNDO PARAISO, a divine blend that features the highest concentration of aged rums, averaging 23 years, then rested in French XO barrels for a month, was paired with an Espresso Semifreddo, Milk Chocolate, and Candied Hazelnuts.

Notable attendees include model Peyton Pritchard, actor Rowly Dennis, and fashion designer Julia Clancey.

Claudia Cooper and Dennis Rowly

Claudia Cooper and Dennis Rowly

Rowly Dennis favored FACUNDO EXIQUISITO, a dark blend of rums aged 7 and 23 years, with a lingering aftertaste of raisins and toasted nuts.


Bacardi Facundo Rum Collection: NEO ($45), Eximo ($80), Exquisito ($150), Paraiso ($250). For more info: FACUNDORUM

EXIMO Old Fashioned


.25 part honey syrup

4 drops of Burlesque Bitters

Orange peel garnish

Ice Sphere

Method: Stirred

NEO White Negroni

2 parts FACUNDO NEO Rum

1 part Cocchi White Americano

Dash of White Maraschino

Lemon twist

Spago – 176 North Canon Drive – Beverly Hills CA

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