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Secret Room Golden Globes Style Lounge Takeaway Gift Bag Items, Continued

Items in the Secret Room Golden Globes Style Lounge Takeaway Gift Bag, continued ~

Lee Jeans are the original manufacturer of jean overalls, and originally cowboy jeans; they also began using the front zipper. Trendsetters in their day. And to this day, they continue to excel in a market where style and quality are the go-to choices again and again. They gifted a cool pair of their slim-fit, tapered leg, made with Active Comfort Denim for that oh-so-perfect fit. Lee Jeans fit the body well.

Barbar Hair Tools gifted their Cordless Mini Max Titanium Flat Iron: What great convenience with this battery-controlled, perfectly-sized flat iron that you can use anywhere. Barbar is popular in inside circles in Hollywood for his high-tech hair tools. Titanium protects your hair from damage and brings out the shine too. Includes a heat-resistant pouch.


Mira Alicki, founder and owner of the unique jewelry company that donates 40% of their proceeds to animal charities, presented her designs  at the Golden Globe Awards Style Lounge.

Dripo Cold Brew Portable Barista Iced Coffee Maker for home or travel. Dripo is a true cold-drip coffee maker that uses a unique cold drip method to brew a perfect cup of coffee that brings out the best flavors from your favorite beans. Slow-drip, cold-brew coffee is coffee like you’ve never tasted before, as it is more aromatic and have more delicate or nuanced flavors with a lighter body. Dripo is affordable and easy to use, at home or on the go.

The Happiness Box: 365 different quotations of happiness and positivity for each day of the year. The gift that can brighten up someone’s every day. Or even your own. Gifts for all occasions.


Canvas on Demand, Coloring Canvas

Art made easy! Now you can relieve stress while creating art for your walls. And they’ve done all the hard work for you! You just have to choose your colors and design your unique work of art. Each piece is printed on high quality canvas and then mounted to a sturdy solid frame to ensure a comfortable surface for coloring. When your masterpiece is finished, use the included hardware to easily hang it on your wall.

Canvas on Demand Coloring Canvas

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