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Spoonful of Comfort – Send a Sentimental Gift of Comfort to Loved Ones

Spoonful of Comfort has made it possible to share that caring that to those we cherish… a sentimental gesture! If you can’t be there in person, sending them something that will warm their hearts is the next best thing.

Spoonful of Comfort

Spoonful of Comfort

You may have seen them on the TV show for entrepreneurs, Shark Tank! Spoonful of Comfort delivers delicious, handcrafted chicken noodle soup to homes across the nation. A beautifully put-together package comes with a 64-ounce jar of soup complete with rolls and a cute ladle, and you can choose fresh-baked cookies for desert. If you prefer, they now offer Tomato Basil and Butternut Squash soups too.


The soups are made in small batches to draw out the best flavors, then jarred up and sent out upon order. A complete,healthy meal delivered right to their door, to enjoy right away.

The package includes a 64-oz. jar of handcrafted soup (4-6 generous servings), 1/2 dozen bacci rolls, 1/2 dozen cookies, a ladle for future use. It includes a personalized note card and lovely custom packaging.

The Chicken Soup is made from chicken stock, seasoned, roasted chicken carrots, celery, onion, fresh thyme and parsley, and delicious hearty noodles.


Butternut Squash Soup has that mellow flavor of butternut squash, with a pinch of holiday spices, a dash of cream and the autumn sweetness of maple syrup.


Country Fresh Tomato Basil made from tangy tomatoes that goes well with basil pesto and rich asiago and parmesan cheeses.


Your choice of Gourmet Cookies include:


Chocolate Chip soft cookies with semi-sweet chocolate.
Sugar Cookies that remind you of soft shortbread with a dash of seasonal sprinkles on top.
Hearty Oatmeal Raisin with chewy raisins.

A gift from the heart is the best gift of all. You will warm their tummy and their heart.

To order, go to SpoonfulOfComfort.com

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